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What is Sunny Aggregator DeFi Yield Aggregator on Solana [Solana Series]

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Hey, welcome to today’s episode. I’ve been traveling and I’m in California today. So I’d like to welcome you to today’s episode. I thank you for all of your support. This podcast has been exploding. We’re now in 127 countries we’ve been heard and downloaded in, and today is another one in the Solana series. So without further ado, let’s jump into it. What is sunny aggregator? The DeFi yield aggregator on Solana Sunny is a composable defy yield aggregator powered by Solana one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems. The Sunny protocol is designed with composability as a core feature, enabling other applications and protocols to easily build on top of it. Sunny aggregator is enjoying the limelight as the first of its kind on Solana. While this innovative blockchain is setting new records in the cryptocurrency universe, see there is a real need for yield aggregators. Many DeFi projects provide token based yield farming incentives as a mechanism for bootstrapping liquidity. With so many new Solana DeFi, projects launching it has become increasingly difficult for users to manage their yield farming positions across different interfaces.


A yield aggregator simplifies this process by offering a streamlined solution for discovering and entering farms. The aggregator can then offer additional strategies such as automatically compounding the farm tokens. Let’s break down some of the benefits and features it’s built within the Solana ecosystem. The Solana ecosystem has seen rapid growth over the past year as more of a high quality project and investors entering the scene from March of 2021. The total value locked of Solana a DeFi rose from $150 million to $1.3 billion. Most of this activity can be attributed to yield farming on AMMs like Raydium and Saber. One of Solana’s key advantages is that all transactions happen on a single shard, this allows better composability between any application and the ecosystem. I highly recommend that you listen to my Solana episode if you have not already, as well as the other episodes I have on the Solana series, to fill you in a lot more on what’s going on in the Solana ecosystem.


So let’s go over earning rewards through yield farming. You can deposit your funds in the form of a sabre LP liquidity provider token on the Sunny network, and earn rewards for these deposits. They are basically known as yield farming, you get both Sunny and Saber tokens as rewards. There are multiple pools on this network with new ones being launched frequently, and you can discover good farms. Considering that there are many popular yield forms on the Solana network, such as Raydium and Saber, it becomes difficult for the farmers to find the best farms and manage multiple yield farms across so many different interfaces. In most cases, you need to periodically claim your rewards and sell them for profit or add them back into the farm for compounding. This is not only time consuming, but it also costs a gas fee every time you do this. Yield aggregators help streamline this whole process, and they help improve your yield in many ways.


They enable you to discover new farms across various DeFi protocols and enter them easily. Additionally, they automatically compound your farm tokens. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is the depositing into the farms, and finally, the withdrawal of your funds from it. Everything else in between is handled by the yield aggregator. Sunny is composable as a cross chain protocol. composability is Sunny’s core feature. composability refers to the interoperability of DeFi protocols, or how various DeFi applications connect and interact with each other. Sunny utilizes Solana’s features for this yield aggregators on Ethereum, such as Yearn Finance, offer composable building blocks for various DeFi projects. Sunny aims to replicate this success model by launching the first composable yield aggregator on Solana. Solana has unique single sharted design feature, which makes it the best blockchain for composability between various applications in the DeFi ecosystem.


So let’s break down Sunny’s composability via AG tokens. On Ethereum based yield aggregators like Yearn Finance, have seen massive success by providing a composable building block for other DeFi projects. Sunny sees a clear opportunity to replicate the success by building the first composable yield aggregator on Solana. Sunny uses a similar concept to Yearn Finance’s Y tokens, the Ag tokens. When a user deposits money into the sunny pool, they receive AG tokens that represent a share of that pool. AG tokens follow this Solana’s SPL token standard, and can be easily used by any other protocol on Solana. Sunny is not available worldwide, you’re not allowed to use Sunny or Sunny aggregator if you’re a resident of certain countries currently. So that is one disadvantage. However, I know many crypto traders investors who use a VPN and they’re able to log in from anywhere on the world when they’re traveling or when they’re in any country.


Founders of this team have remained anonymous, so we do not know who the founders and team members are. Let’s break down the token and DAO. Sunny tokenomics are designed to provide the right incentive for Sunny thrive as a decentralized protocol. Sunny DAO is one of the first DAOs born natively on Solana. The Sunny aggregator protocol is owned and governed by the DAO. The community decides what to do with Sunny DAO. The Sunny DAO will receive more tokens with the initial contributors, and the initial Sunny contributors will not receive any compensation from the DAO, or any special ownership rights. All performance fees collected by SUNNY are earmarked for Sunny DAO and these proceeds will be partially used to conduct the SUNNY buyback and burn. The performance fee is currently 16% which is taken on non SUNNY returns. The Sunny governance token is called SUNNY (S-U-N-N-Y), and it will be used to make decisions about the future of the protocol. The only way to obtain SUNNY is by farming. There will be no ICO for SUNNY. I hope today’s episode has been informative and has painted you a better picture about Sunny aggregator on Solana. Definitely like and subscribe to the podcast and chime in here till tomorrow, where I will have another very special episode. Until then, make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! In today’s discussion, we’ll be checking out Sunny Aggregator and talking about if it seems like a good investment. 

What Is Sunny? 

Sunny is a decentralized yield aggregator built on the Solana blockchain, which enables various programmers to create protocols and applications on top of it. 

It streamlines the management of all yield farming positions and allows for profit-boosting compounding tactics.

Sunny’s main characteristic is its modularity. The interoperability, connectivity, and interplay of DeFi protocols are referred to as composability. 

Sunny Aggregator’s SPL governance token is SUNNY. Holders of SUNNY can use the polling procedure to control the decentralized Sunny system.

How Does It Work? 

Sunny is positioned higher than other layer-2 yield farming projects because it is a yield farming aggregator that optimizes position management and maximizes yield farming profitability.

Sunny essentially copied the proven concept of Yearn Finance, an Ethereum-based yield aggregator. The Sunny platform serves as a modular component for other Solana-based projects.

Users receive SPL-standard agTokens indicating their proportional part of the pool when they deposit SPL tokens into Sunny pools. On Solana, the token may be utilized for a variety of services from other protocols.

Sunny’s Investment Capabilities 

Sunny lacks a clear direction and has inadequate documentation. It’s not easy to synthesize the facts to grasp what Sunny is about while collecting information on Sunny. Sunny also hasn’t revealed any details about the team or investors.

The SUNNY cryptocurrency is only used for platform governance, which is still in the works. It is unable to capture much value because of the limited number of token usage cases. 

As a consequence, the SUNNY token has a small trading volume and trades in a restricted range.

Yearn Finance’s yield aggregator model was used by the Sunny team. They’ve had some early success because the TVL has been rapidly expanding. 

Sunny is also in the top three in terms of yield TVL, just behind two Ethereum-based initiatives. This shows the size of Sunny and also the Solana environment.

On Sunny, the APR for yield farming is significantly higher than on other sites. There is no withdrawal cost for users, and the performance fee on non-SUNNY yields is presently 16 percent. 

The charge is donated to the Sunny DAO, which will use it to make community-driven decisions in the future.

Sunny got off to a terrific start as the ecosystem’s first and only yield aggregator. Investors can buy SUNNY tokens and sell them at a greater price, in addition to collecting yields. 

Because the token’s limited utility is restricted to platform governance, the price is slow to move.

The Sunny protocol is designed with composability as a core feature, enabling other applications and protocols to easily build on top of it. Sunny aggregator is enjoying the limelight as the first of its kind on Solana.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Sunny Aggregator
  • Benefits and features
  • Founders
  • The SUNNY token
  • Sunny’s DAO
  • Token Economics

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Final Thoughts

Sunny is the founder and leader of the Solana ecosystem, which collects yield farming incentives from different DeFi protocols and aggregates them.

The Sunny protocol was created by Surya Khosla. Sunny’s members are all nameless to the general public. Because Saber LP tokens can be staked within many Sunny pools, Saber has by far the most clout on the platform. This implies that Sunny is Saber’s partner.

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