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Travel is something that Michael has done for decades. He has lived in Hawaii, Australia, and in Latin America. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been in investments, tech, & the family office space for years.

Once he discovered the freedom and opportunities that crypto offers and provides, he was hooked.

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Kelly Slater & Michael

Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing, Banzai Pipeline

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New To Crypto is about bringing empowerment, education, and connection around a common purpose. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future and New To Crypto is a leading podcast and crypto learning resource supporting this emerging technology. New To Crypto empowers listeners and community members to shape this new world, while cementing our digital presence online as a thriving educational hub of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation.


We are living at the forefront of a technological change which will positively impact the world for the generations to come.

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founder, New To Crypto


Who is the show designed for ?

Anyone who would like to learn and know more about cryptocurrency. It could be crypto as a whole or specific topics.

How often do new episodes come out ?

The New to Crypto Podcast is a daily show with new episodes coming out Monday through Friday. Sometimes on the weekend there are bonus episodes. 

Is the Podcast only for people who are new to crypto ?

No, People who are new to crypto listen to the show as well as people who have been in crypto for years but want to know more about specific topics. The crypto industry is ever changing and staying up to date on new projects and trends is extremely helpful.  

Where can I listen to the podcast ?

The New To Crypto Podcast is available on all major platforms including but not limited to; Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible App, Youtube, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Casts, Deezer, Overcast, Castro, Castbox, and Podfriend.

How will I know when new episodes come out ?

Subscribe to the podcast to be notified as soon as new episodes drop!

Will Michael be interviewing on the show key people in the crypto industry ?


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