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Saber is DeFi’s Cross-Chain Liquidity Network [Solana Series]

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Hey, welcome to today’s episode. This is another one in the Solana series that I’m doing. And I’m excited to share today’s episode with you. I’ll tell you this podcast has been exploding we’ve been downloaded and heard in 123 countries around the world. So I truly thank you the listener and thank you for being part of this awesome community. And without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode. So today’s all about Saber DeFi’s cross-chain liquidity network, and it’s on Solana. Saber is a decentralized exchange that provides the liquidity foundation for Stablecoins, which is a type of cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to another asset. As Solana’s central interchange liquidity network Saber helps facilitate the transfer of assets between Solana and other blockchains. The project was originally named Saber Swap and the protocol allows the lowest slip optimization. Saber is the leading Stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange in Solana. Some of the benefits and features are. So, it’s operating under the AMM model. Saber’s key functionality is enabled via the automated market maker or AMM model. And I’ve spoken a lot in past episodes about AMMs. AMMs based exchanges do not have to rely on executing each trade by connecting to traders willing to transact. Instead, a large number of liquidity pool providers add funds to the respective pool. The liquidity providers are incentivized by a proportion of the transaction fees earned by the protocol transfer to them. Let’s break down the Swap. The first thing that we find is the swap and it’s very similar to Raydium and other DeFi exchanges. The first thing to do is to connect the wallet. With the wallet connected users can exchange any cryptocurrency from another within Saber as long as it’s available on the platform.


Saber allows you to swap between a stable pair of assets with a very low slippage and fees. Any coin pair swap presents less than 1% in fees and I might add that it’s claimed that the there’s lower slippage than Raydium. As Solana’s core cross-chain stable coin exchange, Saber has performed as a low slippage exchange. Compared to Raydium, the first AMM on Solana, Saber has shown a lower slippage, especially for large transactions. Let’s break down to Solana speed. Since Saber is built on Solana, the platform takes advantage of the lightning-fast transactions and significantly lower fees, and improve scalability compared to other blockchains. Solana enables low-cost, high-speed transactions. And remember that Solana is a high-performance permissionless blockchain-based on proof of history or PoH. If you have not heard my episode all about Solana, I highly recommend after this one that you listen to that one, it will paint a much better picture for you and I really break down the fundamentals of Solana. Back to Saber.


Saber is collaborating with top DeFi projects to offer new assets and pools, they’re constantly adding new assets on the platform. Saber will also partner with cross-chain bridges, such as Wormhole and Ren to drive liquidity from other chains to Solana. Let’s break down the pools and farms. Pools are a way to provide liquidity or the ability to trade between tokens on Saber, the pools allow users to earn trading fees on tokens they’re holding, Saber offers LP for staking; liquidity providers can earn yields by contributing their funds to a pool of their choice on the platform. There are a total of 25 pools currently available and the annual percentage yields from staking on Saber are high, even by the DeFi standard, however these rates may fluctuate wildly over a short period of time.


The yields from staking are paid out in Saber labs forms token, which is called SBR. Saber labs raised $7.7 million seed round originally and funding was led by some of the top investment groups in crypto, including the Solano Foundation raise capital, coin 98 ventures, and more. Saber has also partnered with several other projects among them we find so flare, so flare is a noncustodial wallet used to stake store trade swap and send on this Elana blockchain. They’re also doing things with badger which is a Dao aimed to build the necessary products and infrastructure to accelerate Bitcoin as collateral across other blockchains. And also Parrot protocol, the Parrot protocol is a DeFi network built on Solana that will include the stable coin pie, a noncustodial lending market, and a margin trading vAMM. By the way, I have an upcoming episode all about Parrot protocol. They’re also doing things with coin 98 wallet, which is a noncustodial wallet used to store manage trade swap multi-chain and multi-source digital assets.


So who founded Saber, it was developed by Saber labs and a small team of blockchain developers headed by two brothers, Ian and Dylan. Saber Labs is officially registered in the Philippines. So what’s going on in the future of Saber? So far Saber’s performance has been impressive, at least judging from the trajectory of their token, the SRB the price chart, if you pull that up… And by the way, this episode is not financial advice. I’m simply explaining and sharing information about projects for you. So definitely do your own due diligence and research on all projects that I share. So as Solana’s first Stablecoin oriented dex, Saber has considerable potential in the market. And it’s already establishing itself in this specific niche with low cost efficient stable coin swapping, and liquidity pool staking. So as I mentioned before the SBR token, which is on Saber, SBR holders can receive SBR as rewards for providing liquidity to pools. So there’s two main purposes within the ecosystem for the token, and this is the first one utility and the second one is, you guessed it, governance. SBR holders will have voting power within the Saber DAO. the Saber labs team is building an infrastructure that will enable Governance The team is exploring different models for how to guarantee long-term SBR holders voting power within the Saber DAO. So I hope today’s episode has been enlightening for you and provided a picture into another awesome project on Solana. Definitely like and subscribe to the podcast. My team and I are working hard on bringing you valuable content. And definitely chime in here for the very next episode. Until then, make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! Today, we shall check out another Solana project, known as Saber. 

What is Saber? 

Saber is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that specializes in stablecoin trading and staking. Saber, which is based on the Solana framework, now supports roughly 30 cryptos for trading.

Liquidity pools are another option for users. Saber presently offers 25 liquidity pools, each one symbolizing a swap pair, with liquidity suppliers earning yield on each swap transaction containing the pair on the network.

Minimal transaction fees, low slippage rates, and quick execution times are Saber’s main advantages. 

These benefits are made possible by Solana, the app’s native blockchain, which has a far higher throughput and cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum.

The Creator Behind Saber 

Saber was created by Saber Labs, a subgroup of blockchain programmers led by Dylan and Ian Macalinao. Saber Labs is a legally recognized company in the Philippines.

Saber has been steadily growing since its inception in June, and Dylan Macalinao announced that Saber Labs intends to widen the project’s crew.

Race Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage entrepreneurs, is Saber’s primary investor.

What Is Saber Bringing To The Table? 

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) paradigm enables Saber’s main capability. AMM-based exchanges don’t have to depend on connecting two interested participants to execute each trade.

Rather, a huge number of liquidity pool providers contribute funds to the pool. A percentage of the transaction fees received by the protocol is distributed to the liquidity providers as an incentive. 

You don’t have to hang tight for some other trader to be ready to deal with you when you would like to exchange. 

Rather, you send your transaction to the pool, where a shortage of sufficient coins is rarely an issue, at least in larger and well-established protocols.

Future Prospects For Saber

Because Saber is still in its early stages of operation, it isn’t easy to make accurate forecasts regarding the project’s future. Saber’s performance thus far has been outstanding, at least based on the price chart of SBR.

Saber, being Solana’s first stablecoin-focused DEX, has a lot of potential in the market. It’s already made a name for itself in low-cost, speedy stablecoin trading and liquidity pool staking.

Nevertheless, two upcoming events could have a negative impact on the platform’s existing market position.

To begin with, Saber’s low transaction fees and quick execution times are partly due to Solana’s technical supremacy over Ethereum, the platform on which most of Saber’s competitors operate. 

These advantages may dwindle or vanish if Ethereum successfully conducts its upgrade to ETH 2.0.

Furthermore, when more people invest in search of large rewards, Saber’s staking pools’ attractive yield rates may begin to dwindle.

Many ventures in the crypto industry have gotten off to a terrific start, only to stop as market conditions shift rapidly. Saber’s capacity to deal with impending problems will influence whether or not the app can continue to advance.

Saber helps facilitate the transfer of assets between Solana and other blockchains. Saber is the leading Stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange in Solana.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Saber
  • Benefits and Features
  • AMM model
  • History and Founders
  • SBR token and DAO


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Final Thoughts

Saber has a substantially greater TVL than Mercurial Finance, a comparable project on Solana. Saber and its benefits appear to have more trust and interest from users, groups, and initiatives. Saber also aspires to become a Solana-optimized AMM for trading all types of pegged assets.

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