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An Interview With Katie Chonacas Actress, Producer And NFT Creator

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By: cryptotravelsmichael


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Crypto Travels Michael, Katie Chonacas


Michael  00:01

Welcome to the New to Crypto podcast, designed to guide you through the crypto landscape with pinpoint accuracy created for the new and intermediate Crypto investor. Join your host Crypto Travels Michael as he takes you through the different facets of getting started and succeeding in your crypto journey. New to Crypto podcast brings you new episodes daily, Monday through Friday with surprise bonus episodes sometimes on the weekend. Let me ask you, Are you new to crypto don’t know where to start? Are you more experienced but have questions? Then you’re in the right place. This podcast is designed for you coming at you from the trading center in the lifestyle design studio. Here’s your host Crypto Travels Michael. Brave wallet is the first secure crypto wallet built natively in a web three crypto browser, no extension required. You can store, manage and grow your portfolio, get NFT’s and multi chain support. Download the brave privacy and click on the wallet icon to get started. Hey, welcome to today’s episode, I’m excited to share with you a phenomenal guest. Today’s guest needs no introduction. She is an actress, a producer, a model, a poet and so much more. She has acted alongside Robert De’Niro, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, and Jessica Simpson. She has also been in CSI New York, she has been in Law and Order SVU, which we’ve all seen and Cold Case. She is a producer, she creates NFT’s, She does cartoon animation voice over and is an author. welcome Katie Chonacas to the show. Katie, it’s a pleasure to have you here.


Katie  01:54

Michael, thank you so much for the beautiful introduction. I’m so excited to be here and add a lot of value. Thank you so much.


Michael  02:00

Awesome. It’s gonna be a fantastic interview. Hey, before we dive in, can you share with our listeners just a little bit about yourself and who you are?


Katie  02:08

Sure, sure. I come from a big Greek family. I was born in Michigan. And I love language. I love literature. I love poetry. So you know being Greek, we were exposed to Socrates and Plato and, you know, Greek mythology and goddesses and gods. So it really gave permission for me to be able to explore this, you know, beautiful world. So that was really, really exciting. And then my dad, he and I, we share the same birthday 11-11. And he was a cross country runner, and he turned me on to cross country running. And like, I figured out at a really young age, what you do as an individual affects the whole, right. So I would get an individual score when I ran cross country, and then there would be the collective team score. So I was able to apply this into life, in my workplace, what I do as an individual affects other people. Yeah, so like, affects the whole so, yeah.


Michael  03:08

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing a little bit about that with us. Let me ask you before we dive in about NFT’s and some other things, you’ve had like a colorful career and you know, what would you say that is the funniest moment that you remember on the set, you know, in maybe your acting career, is there any anything that like rings a bell, any other memorable moments on set, filming?


Katie  03:34

I do have a really memorable moment of being on set one time, there was three Katie’s on set and so the director called you know, one Katie, the DP then I was another Katie. Then there’s another Katie, so because of my voice, and I do voiceovers, but they didn’t know I did voiceovers. They call me Cartoon Katie. And that actually gave me my branded name of Cartoon Katie. It’s stuck with me so much. But there were so many fun moments on set, because when the director would say, Katie, we like we everyone, like didn’t know which Katie he was talking about. And so that was really funny. And it was like an ongoing thing for the five weeks you’re on set together.


Michael  04:14

Yeah, I could definitely relate with that. I’ve been on sports teams where there was four Mike’s, you know, so yeah, I could definitely definitely relate with that. How did you first get into NFT’s in crypto, like can you take us down the path of you know, how you got in?


Katie  04:32

I have such an exciting, brilliant story. And, you know, it’s so fun to talk about. So what happened was, it was in 2018. And I was just being a social butterfly, dipping my toes and hands into everything as I do, and traveling the world and just being involved in everything artistic and anything that’s fun and colorful, like you mentioned, and a friend of mine asked me to DJ, this art event. So when you’re a DJ, if you have the luxury you go the day before, you do a soundcheck. You look at the space, things of that nature. So, I went there and there were just like 30 people there. And there were artists hanging up their artwork and putting up sculptures and all these different things were happening. I’m like, yo, what’s going on? Like, oh, it’s like, cool. They’re like, and they’re like, I was wearing like a Keith Haring sweatshirt, and they’re like, Oh, your physical painter as well. I’m like, yeah, they’re like, have your art in the show at the event tomorrow. And so my very first crypto experience, it was the 11-11 Fund, which is my birthday 11-11 It was downtown LA. And not only was a DJ on this rooftop amazing party where they had this chef there and they had all this like gourmet sushi. And it was it just went on for hours. And I like even curated like a vendor friend of mine to like calm and like curate like some other things. But they had seven of my physical art pieces up going as NFT’s as for crypto. And so I was a two on one. I was DJ and had my physical art in a show. And you know, I have NFT artists friends from that very show today. It’s so wild. Yeah.


Michael  06:14

Wow. Wow. That’s like talk about a surprise, you know, a pleasant surprise. And now you have a podcast about NFT’s. Is that correct? Or?


Katie  06:24

Yeah, I actually have an NFT podcast I wanted to over a year ago released my podcast as NFTs and I’m actually the very first podcaster to release my podcast as NFT’s. I did that a few weeks ago. All of them will be NFTs. I just first released the first 10 is NFT’s on a Hi-Lair and then I’m gonna release other ones. I’m going to curate them in segments and put them on different marketplaces. I think it’s really important to be on multiple marketplaces. So people we can find one another and, you know, things of that nature. But yeah, it’s actually focused on arts and entertainment with ethics, morals and values and specifically focused season for women empowerment series about NFT’s the education of NFT’s.


Michael  07:11

Awesome. So each episode, you’re uploading them as NFT’s each episode. Yeah?


Katie  07:16

It’s an NFT Podcast. I’m uploading them. And, like the current one, season four, they’re not NFT’s yet. Season One. Their NFTs. 


Michael  07:26

Yeah. Wonderful. 


Katie  07:28



Michael  07:29

Wow. So Katie, you’re an author, and you’re the first NFT artist to actually release a love poem on the blockchain. Is that correct? 


Katie  07:39

Indeed, yes. Yes.


Michael  07:40

First one ever take us down that rabbit hole share with us about how that came to be. And you know how you wrote the poem, you know, everything?


Katie  07:48

Sure, sure. So, I have a poetry book called A Lover’s Fairy Tale, which is available everywhere. And, you know, when I was releasing the book, I wanted to release all the poetry pieces as NFT’s and the artwork that goes along with the poetry which is art within itself. The language right, is with my friend Robert Sturman, who’s an amazing international artist from these Polaroids that we curate it. So, why Polaroid and Polaroid discontinued the original Polaroid and we have this collaboration we did so, so I took the very first poetry piece from the book A Lover’s Fairy Tale, and I coupled it with the Polaroid, the original Polaroid, and I put it as the NFT which was the very first love poem on the blockchain coupled with this Polaroid because all about NFT’s is like how is it rare, right? How is it super rare? How is the non fungible token rare? And so I thought, okay, not only having the love poem, but coupling it with this Polaroid, which was of me it was around the time when I wrote the poetry piece. And so the visual aligns with my essence and soul in my presence of who I, you know, was and what I was growing through at the time, so I thought it was really apropos for those to be released together.


Michael  09:04

Fantastic. And as you’re as you’re speaking about this, everyone can see see this on screen right now. Tell us about any other NFT’s that you have planned and where do you get your inspiration as an NFT artist?


Katie  09:18

Oh, I’m so happy you asked. This is so exciting. So I just took new headshots and then as an actor, like the number one thing is headshots, right? So, I just got the proof yesterday, 777 photos, wow! it’s a lot it’s a lot more photos it’s overwhelming, actually.


Michael  09:31

Headshots?  All headshots?


Katie  09:33

All headshots 


Michael  09:34

seven Oh, more than 700


Katie  09:36

11 looks. I did 11 looks 


Michael  09:38

into it. 


Katie  09:39

Yeah, Wow, Madonna, like her.. Yeah, and so it’s like so many photos and you’d have to filter through them but you know, overall photos, TV films, dramatic, comedy, and then commercials are its own thing. So smiley commercial photos. And then you know, overall, but then you know, specific looks for characters you know? So like Emily in Paris and like, you know, so that’s like could be a very or Gossip Girl would, but those are very specific looks right. And I have as an actor, you can be a chameleon have multi dimensional look. So I, I did specific looks as well. But so


Michael  10:14

You’ll notice right here this is I’m learning a lot, you know, shooting these videos is like a production. So I’m over here, you know, taking notes, you know?


Katie  10:23

yeah, 1000 Yeah, So, what I decided at the shoot was I’m going to be the very first artist after to release after headshot on the blockchain. So I’m going to take some of those photos and I’m going to put it on different marketplaces, and be the very first actor to release an actor headshot on the blockchain. One, two, I have a web series that I produce Season One, two, and three, season one and two, I put on the YouTube on MY too. But I’m going to be the very first Junior producer, director to release a comedy improv series on the blockchain. And I’m actually dropping that next week. And so I’m dropping season one, and then maybe like one a day or like, you know, once a week I or maybe the whole thing, but I’m going to drop season one. I’m going to drop season two, and then I’m going to drop season three, and it’ll be a web series on the blockchain. So I’ll be the first to do that. But yes, and then also, I have short films that over a year ago, I wanted to release my short films on the blockchain. But I’m doing it now. And so I have about 49 pieces of content of short films that I produced through the union. And I own IP, I self produced those, because I can tell you the psychology of that after if you want to know but to answer the question, I’m gonna release the short films on the blockchain, one of the short films that won a lot of awards in the independent film festival circuit, I put them as like short little videos when like, shorter content was more popular?, right. And so I’m going to release that as well. And then a lot of spoken word music videos, I directed, produced, thought in, and then a lot of music videos that I directed and produced and started with my own music. You know, because it’s like acting, you know, music videos is very much as as as acting. So, first and foremost, I’m gonna put the web series out. 


Michael  12:11



Katie  12:11

And then I’m going to release music videos and spoken word music videos on the blockchain.


Michael  12:15

Fantastic On this episode, BlogPost page for this episode, any of those that you want to share so our listeners can can make their way over and find it on the blockchain? 


Katie  12:25

Totally, yeah!


Michael  12:27

Whatever you want to share, and that makes me want to seg way into Katie, you’re a you’re a filmmaker, you produce Couple’s  Therapy, right? Congratulations on that project, by the way…


Katie  12:38

Thank you!


Michael  12:39

Can you share with our audience with our listeners, like a little bit about that project?


Katie  12:45

Sure. It’s very vulnerable. And my pleasure, it was my F u Card I was Like F u , you know, like, we always want to put our best foot forward all the time, and, you know, be a glam and like, Regal. And just like, you know, the highlights, which is great, which is super important. But it’s like, you know, for all those 99 Yo’s are the nose, yo’s, nose, are the stories you don’t hear about. And you hear about that one victory of the highlighted part. It was time to be more vulnerable and authentic, which is really important, what people, what humanity is yearning for authenticity, that connection. And so I’m, you know, being able to expose myself but in a comical way. So it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. It’s energy, energy is energy. And it doesn’t matter if it was right or wrong, we learned the lessons or we dinner we’re going to keep doing until we learn the lesson. So the 2020 You know, what happened in the world when it like blew up, and we went through this, you know, global thing together. I personally showed up and just put my head down in March of 2020. And I’m like, What can I do? And I’m like, create, act, just create. So just make it happen. Produced directed, I, you know, had a producing partner called another producing partner, what East Coast west coast? They said, Yes, we showed up, we did it. And the thing is, a lot of people were laid off, you know, in the union. So normally, I go through the union through sag AFTRA, but I know, you know, with with the union, you know, with the something that scripted you know, I’m a union actor scripted. A you go through the Union, but how can I do something without going through the union? Because it would take not only weeks for paperwork to go through, but with, with everyone being laid off, it would take months? Or how long so how can I do it? I know I can do it. If I play myself. If I say I’m Katie, and I’m Katie in the show, it can be improv not scripted. And I can do it without, you know, not doing it through the union. 


Michael  14:32



Katie  14:33

And I just needed to get it out. And I felt like it was really relatable. So, Couple’s Therapy is about a couple who is stuck in a condo during the pandemic, and you have to face the stuff that you would normally numb yourself to or get distracted to or meet up with friends or stay out late. So you don’t have to go home and see the wife or the husband or you don’t have to you don’t have to like you know, deal with the stuff but you’re they’re having to deal so we’re able to do it and you know, another two of my producing partners, they’re both Voice Over actors. So, you know, the therapist in the show, she was, you know, doing things with her voice and wore wig and things of that nature. So we’re able to play and talk about spirituality and talk about like, amazing, different, like products and stuff that I’m really attuned and aligned with. But teaching it in a comical way without being like, here, you know, here’s this product,  right?


Michael  15:20

Yeah, absolutely. No, I think I think people really appreciate especially what, you know, we’ve all lived through the last two years, they really appreciate like authenticity, and someone being you know, like, just straight up real. And that’s, you know, that’s, you did it in a creative way. And you did it during a time, you know, when it was so needed, you know, just like, just having the foresight to future pace that out, and they just grab the bull by the horns and do it. So fantastic. That’s awesome. Yeah,


Katie  15:48

Thank you. Thank you!


Michael  15:50

What is it like? Because I know, I know, our listeners and our viewers are gonna, you know, they’re, they know, some golden nuggets from you, you know, you’ve had a phenomenal career. And you know, you’re exploding out right now. So what is it like to act with like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman and all the other amazing actors such as yourself, you know, what is that like? Share,  Share a little bit of behind the scenes with our listeners, you know?


Katie  16:13

Yeah, it’s great. It’s great. It’s meant to be what’s meant for you as an individual, no matter what it is, in arts and entertainment, or whatever, what’s meant for you will happen for you, you know, and so, when these opportunities came along, like it was so exciting, but I did so much preparation and work, you know, as, as an athlete, right? You prepare, I run 50 miles a week, and then you do the race. And it’s, you know, 3.1 miles, and then you’re in the race, you’re not thinking about, you do the preparation before. So day to day, moment to moment when you’re, you know, on the journey, you’re doing it. I’ve learned to enjoy the process along the way. So when these moments come, where it’s like, Nicolas Cage is like, right in front of my face. 


Michael  16:52



Katie  16:53

You know, it’s like I’m, I feel deep within my bones and my soul and my essence and I’m honoring that moment. And I’m so focused on the craft, I’m not thinking about, you know, in the moment, like, oh, Nicolas Cage is in my face, but when Verner Herzog personally called me and asked me to be a part of the film, the bail Lieutenant Protocol in New Orleans, two weeks prior, I was able, that’s when I was able to be in a fantasy and preparing of how I wanted to be when I met Nicolas Cage, and then his character, you know, so it, there is some build up along the way. But I mean, it’s so giddy and excited. And when you’re on Warner Brothers, and you’re, you know, you’re on the lot for a week working, and it’s just, it’s so amazing, and you just don’t want it to end. And so what I’ve learned along the way, because everything comes to an end, and it transitions into something else is when you’re in that high, where else can you go, right? So I’ve learned to be able to transition along the way, you know, for self care, so you don’t go go all the way down, you know, so a safety net, but you know, just knowing ethical boundaries of you know, healthy communication and sticking to being very professional on set. And you know, and if one is open and you know, there’s a chance for now social media following each other on social media, you know, connecting with them and then nurturing each individual relationship. It just depends on who I’m working with and you know, circumstances so you know, making sure we honor those moments.


Michael  18:23

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Katie  19:53

Yeah, so, great questions. As I mentioned the 49 videos of content that I produced and directed you We’ll be on multiple marketplaces. So I’m dropping on Solana, I’m going to drop on Magic Eating, I’m going to drop on Solsea, I’m going to drop with Polygon, Matic, I’m going to drop on Rarebull. So I’m going to make sure I’m on multiple marketplaces with my curations. I’m not only an NFT artist, but I’m a collector I just became, I got an invitation from Gary Vee for Vee friends. So just yesterday, I got my Vee too. So I’m really excited about that, Nyla I’m in that collection with Nyla Hayes. So tomorrow, she’s doing a drop, and I’m going to pick up some, you know, some minutes there. So I’m gonna keep collecting brands that I’m that I’m a fan of that I’m a part of I like to get involved in different communities. I’m going to be I’m going to continue to be a healthy educator in the space of NFT’s. With ethics, morals and values, I think the psychology of NFT’s the abundant aspect of it, of, you know, onboarding people, which I do, I have a pink sheet. So when people go to, my last name my website, I have a pink sheet that I curated about six months ago, of ethical human beings that I respect and admire of being in the space in 2018 are people I look up to, so Twitter spaces that you can be in by following them on Instagram and Twitter so people could just do their own research and learn. I’m and I’ve been everyday on Tik Tok with Chonacas as is my handle to be an educator in a fun way as an artist on Tik Tok


Michael  21:25



Katie  21:26

I’m gonna continue the podcast. And also in March for International Women’s Day, I did a drop, because I’m all about exploring divine femininity and all genders. And so not only am I a artists collector, but I’m a producer and a curator. So I curated a bunch of NFT artists who are in the space and onboard some people’s NFT artists and did a collaboration. And each collection and collaboration 20 30% goes to a nonprofit Mental Health Alliance or something of that nature. So this one in particular 20% goes to the Ukraine crisis. And so yeah, and so it was all about Yeah, it was all about women empowerment, and exploring divine femininity, and I was able to curate that. So I’m gonna be able to curate more for not only myself, but other artists, and I’ve been… Lastly, I’ve been involved in about nine different NFT exhibitions with other artists. I was in South by Southwest. This year. I was in Denver. Yeah,


Michael  22:26

We had John John Paller, founder of eath Denver. We had him on the show and…


Katie  22:30



Michael  22:31

He’s coming back on we’re gonna do a video here coming up in weeks, but yeah, yeah. That’s awesome. That you were anything or two? Yeah.


Katie  22:38

Yeah. Are you going to go to an NFT NYC?


Michael  22:42

Possibly, possibly… Yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna, are you going to check it out?


Katie  22:46

I’ll be there. 


Michael  22:47

Okay, awesome.


Katie  22:48

I think we’re having an event there. And


Michael  22:50

I go, we’ll definitely connect. Yeah, 


Katie  22:53



Michael  22:53

Yeah. Wow, 


Katie  22:55

Very nice. 


Michael  22:55

All kinds of different, you know, events and in different things that you have going, you know, in the NFT space and crypto space. When did you first get in? I got in I got in late, you know, I have to show this podcast. But honestly, I got in and 2017. You know, I? I had lunch yesterday with a friend who got in and 2010 with $32 You know, and, you know, I’m, you know, I just had tears of water coming from my face. Yeah.


Katie  23:24



Michael  23:25

You know what I’m saying?


Katie  23:26

Yeah, I knew about it. I mean, I did. I didn’t take action. I was just observing. Like, I was like, Oh, what is this? You know, like, I was really interested. And I didn’t take action in Bitcoin when I found out about it. So I just like was just observing what other people were doing. And I think that’s just in my innate nature to do that to kind of like learn and observe before taking action. But when I strike, it’s just like, I’m like army. This is, you know, twin sister. I’m just like the Huntress, like going after it, the hunter.


Michael  23:53

I actually didn’t get it in the future. In the very beginning, my I actually learned about Bitcoin and crypto in LA. So my friend in real estate investing, and I’m just chilling in LA with them. And he’s telling me about this thing called Bitcoin and honestly, I didn’t get it. And I always have that in the back of my head when I’m teaching or sharing with this podcast and episodes, to really try to paint a picture and take people down the path of in a lot of people are non technical, right? I’m like a techie myself. I’m all into technology, but I try to really release information and break it down a simple way. Because I remember it wasn’t that long ago, you know, when crypto was new to me, you know, back in 17.


Katie  24:31

It’s still very new and you’re not late. We’re people who are still very early. So I mean… 


Michael  24:36



Katie  24:37

There are people who just don’t even know what NFT is, like, some people have never even heard of it. So like, you know, I’m visiting my family in Michigan right now. And, you know, I haven’t talked to a lot of people but a lot like even not even in Michigan, even in New York and LA like, people still don’t know about it, you know, and yeah, so we are still very early on.


Michael  24:57

Adoption is you know, we’re in the process of living through, you know, we fast forward 20 years from now, we’re going to be a look back and remember that here we are living through the, you know, the adoption of the masses, people learning and knowing about crypto and NFT’s and Metaverse and what is digital land? Like what you know? Yeah. So, yeah, it’s time.


Katie  25:19

Yeah. 1,000%. I was just at a conference recently. NFT San Diego I was a speaker, I spoke on mental health and the psychology of NFT’s. And there’s a there’s an event coming up in LA, a conference, an NFT conference. And I’m a speaker there on a women panel. There’s also PodFest is coming up. So I’m not only speaking at NFT conferences, I’m now speaking at podcast conferences, to educate podcasters how they can talk to him. So I can share with them what I learned about utility, and how you know, the segments and psychology of how you can make your podcast NFT’s and the value and why, and what I’ve learned thus far, you know what I mean? So it’s super cool, though cross promoting, but we’re the we, you and me, we’re the healthy communicators who show up and just share and hold space for what we learned along the way, not that it’s right or wrong. This is my own experience, do your own research, but here we are, let’s learn and grow together. And that’s what I love about web three is there’s no like, gatekeeping you know, it’s, it’s exposing ourselves and being vulnerable and, and holding hands and doing it together. And, you know, with cross country running, that that’s what I learned really young, you know, like, like I said, what you do as an individual affects the whole. So it’s a team sport. And we’re in this together. Yeah.


Michael  26:32

And everyone in crypto and web three and NFT’s is so they’re so welcoming, you know, as opposed to maybe other industries I come from, like the finance background and institutional investment, different things like that. But with with the crypto side, like everyone, you know, they’re so welcoming. You know, they share their resources, you know, hey, let me introduce you to so and so, you know, and it’s global, and it’s borderless, and I love that, you know, and 


Katie  26:58

1,000% I agree. 


Michael  26:59

Yeah. And it’s like, it’s possibly the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. And we’re, we’re living through it right now. You know, 


Katie  27:06

We get to what is life is such a blessing. It’s such a gift.


Michael  27:10

Absolutely. So Katie, how can our listeners reach out to you like, what’s the best way that you know, someone can stay in the conversation or you know, contact you and things like that? Listen, yeah.


Katie  27:20

Yeah, definitely. You’re so sweet. And is my website. So everything artistically that I do everything I’m up to there, all my social media is there. She’s all over the place podcast. So definitely tune in and we have over 80 episodes. So we’re in season four right now, which is the women empowerment series exploring divine femininity and all genders. So yeah, those are the places


Michael  27:41

Okay, awesome. Is there? Is there anything else you want to share with our listeners? You know, before we wrap up here?


Katie  27:47

Oh, yeah. 1,000% I have a merch line. I have a merch line. And the cool thing about NFT’s was some utilities and you know, the licensing agreements like we bought a yacht club and Tokyo punks, which is my friend Sabates project that Tokyo Punks and like, I have a 90’s Babe, I love that project. You can that you have 100% rights. So like my logo is like my punk. I made a whole merch line of my punk. So people if they’re into like crypto and they like my punk, I call it a Cartoon Katie. They can go and support me as an artist and you know, oh, crypto and NFT’s and look up my merch you know, that’s really cool. I made I took my NFT’s that I’m a collector of that I own and make made a merch line out of them.


Michael  28:31

Fantastic. Well definitely have that link on episode Blog Post page, you know for today. I love what you said about NFT’s with utility because right now I’m currently building out the prototype for crypto investors board game kind of like Kiyosaki is cashflow meets monopoly in a way with like a physical board game that people can play. And, and the way that people are gonna be able to access and purchase that is by purchasing the NFT. And then the actual board game will be released, you know, and shipped and sent out to them. So that’s all in development right now. But when you talked about the utility aspect you just made me think of, you know, because, I’m working on this right now, you know, this project and working on… 


Katie  29:09



Michael  29:10

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you! working on the first book, then first New to Crypto book and I have the outline for book number two already created and things like that. So it’s, it’s a lot of fun. Yeah.


Katie  29:22

Wonderful, wonderful. Well, I’m excited. I mean, we’re here creating together right now. So we just sowed a seed, planted a seed, keep nourishing it and create and develop some things together.


Michael  29:30

Absolutely. Hey, Katie, it was a pleasure to have you on the show. And you’re welcome back anytime. We’ll have to have you come back on. Thank you Michael, yeah, yeah, yes. Thank you. If you’d like today’s episode, definitely like and subscribe to the podcast. If you’re watching this on YouTube. Click that little bell notification and subscribe to the channel. Show your support and chime in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then, make it a great day. Thanks for tuning in to new to crypto podcast. If you liked the episode, be sure to follow and subscribe. You can listen to every episode on all major platforms have an interest in being on the show or one advertising reach out at new to Head over to our site new to to access the resources mentioned in each episode. Until next time, remember to navigate the crypto landscape with pinpoint accuracy

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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! Today’s discussion will be about Katie Chonacas, someone who has dabbled in various creative and charitable endeavors and has also delved into the world of NFTs. Her works will be discussed below.


About Katie Chonacas

Katie Chonacas is a well-known Greek-American actress who has worked in the entertainment industry for over two decades. At a young age, she started her career as a classically educated actress, model, poet, producer, artist, and philanthropist. 

Katie quickly rose to prominence as a result of her natural attractiveness, and she ended up working for a number of well-known companies. Her modeling career swiftly took her to Los Angeles, where she moved full-time and embraced her genuine passion for acting. 

Katie is also an NFT artist that released the first love literary work on the blockchain, a poem coupled with the unique polaroids by Robert Sturman. A Lover’s Fairytale was written between 2004 and 2012 as a depiction of her travels across the world. 

Chonacas is also known for her charitable contributions, having given to organizations. She’s also done two awareness campaigns. In the summer of 2010, she collaborated on an original social-justice TV show. She is an advocate for mental well-being, women’s rights, and environmental protection. Her vision may be seen in all of her creations.

What humanity is yearning for is authenticity, that connection.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

[00:01 – 06:26] Opening Segment 

  • Get to know more about Katie and her background
    • The NFT artist
    • What inspired Katie?
  • Katie shares a funny moment from her career


[06:27 – 19:36] Katie’s Multiple Markets

    • Katie shared about her podcast
    • The importance of being on multiple marketplaces
  • Producing and directing short films and music videos
  • Katies series called “Couples Therapy”
  • Working with the biggest names in Hollywood
  • Katie’s advice for aspiring actors
    • Focusing on the process rather than the outcome


[19:37 – 25:07] Future Plans

  • To continue producing and directing content
  • Curating content on multiple marketplaces


[25:08 – 30:36] Closing Segment

  • Participating in conferences on topics such as crypto, NFTs, and metaverse
  • See the links below to know more about Katie

An Interview With Katie Chonocas Actress Producer and NFT Creator image 2

Killer Resources

How To Reach Katie Chonacas

Final Thoughts

Collection – The 11 Pillars of Katie Chonacas 


NFT artworks influenced by Katie’s story can be found in this collection. You’ll discover a timeline of her life and work in this timeline. A concise summary of her story can be found in each NFT. It’s not just a way to honor her as a craftswoman; it’s also a way to honor her as a person. 


They want anybody who wants to reach their full capabilities as humankind on our earth to be able to relate to this collection. It highlights the importance of celebrating, cherishing, and adoring the divine feminine.


Collection – A Lovers Fairytale Poetry Pieces


The Love Month Collection by A Lover’s Fairytale is for people who desire to walk the path of love with their very own soul. Katie’s experiences while traveling throughout the world inspired these love poems, which she wrote between 2004 and 2012. Follow her on a journey to share her spirit from the great outdoors she has encountered across the world.


A Lover’s Fairytale is a simple yet profound story that allows you to demolish your daily life and embark on your own spiritual quest with your own soul. In combination with poetry, worldwide artist Robert Sturman has produced one-of-a-kind art pieces. The masterpieces were generated between the time the compositions were written and the period when Polaroid stopped producing the original polaroid. Behind the art is a complex procedure that is aided by specific instruments that allow the artist to modify the process as it develops, resulting in an ethereal and heavenly artwork technique. Kyriaki hopes that the words of art will motivate you to apply, shift, and improve your own life. These works of art offer a snapshot of time.

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