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Introducing Cosmic Champs The Hottest Play To Earn Game Built on Algorand With Co-Founder Matty

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By: cryptotravelsmichael


Introducing Cosmic Champs The Hottest Play To Earn Game Built on Algorand With Co-Founder Matty


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Crypto Travels Michael, Matty


Michael  00:01

Welcome to the New To Crypto Podcast designed to guide you through the crypto landscape with pinpoint accuracy created for the new and intermediate crypto investor. Join your host Crypto Travels Michael as he takes you through the different facets of getting started and succeeding in your crypto journey. New to Crypto Podcast brings you new episodes daily Monday through Friday with surprise bonus episodes sometimes on the weekend. Let me ask you, are you new to crypto? don’t know where to start? Are you more experienced but have questions? Then you’re in the right place. This podcast is designed for you coming at you from the trading center in the Lifestyle Design Studio. Here’s your host Crypto Travels Michael. Brave Wallet is the first secure crypto wallet built natively in a web three crypto browser, no extension required. You can store, manage and grow your portfolio, get NFT’s and multi chain support. Download the brave privacy browser and click on the wallet icon to get started.  Hey, welcome to today’s podcast. Today I have the CEO and co-founder of a hot new NFT project built on Algorand, which involves a Metaverse. Help me in welcoming Matty, the co-founder of Cosmic Champs to today’s episode, Matty man, it’s a pleasure to have you here.


Matty  01:30

Pleasure to be here. Thanks for inviting me on to the show.


Michael  01:34

Absolutely. Hey man, before we dive into all things, NFT’s and Metaverse, etc. Can you just share with our audience a little bit about yourself? 


Matty  01:42

Of course, as you said, I’m Matty. I’m one of the co-founders of Cosmic Champs. I’m a gamer. And I’ve been playing games my whole life. I’m a PhD student in psychology at the moment, hoping to wrap that up next year. I teach statistics at Union and Data Analytics, an area that I’m really excited about and interested in. And I’m a surfer. I’ve run a few businesses in the past in the music industry and have been investing in crypto since about 2015.


Michael  02:06

Awesome, man. Talk about a diverse background. I love the part about surfing as well. Yeah. Having lived in Australia, which is where you are and Hawaii before, you know, can you share with our listeners, give them an intro as to what Cosmic Champs is?


Matty  02:22

Sure. So I set myself at a really high level. Cosmic Champs is the game that we’re building on our ground. So it’s, it’s going to be mobile first. So we’re really aiming to target people who are playing games on their smart devices. And, you know, we want to break down the barriers to entry that exist with most of the placement and games that are already out there. So we want to make it a really seamless and easy onboarding process that is similar to Free To Play games. So, the format of our game, it’s a real time strategy game, it’s tower rush style. So to be in real time, it’d be fast paced, it’d be action packed and exciting to play.


Michael  02:59

Awesome. Is… So, will there be an app to download? Is that correct? 


Matty  03:03

Yeah, yeah, that’s the plan. 


Michael  03:05

Okay. And I saw that your game setting takes place 13,000 years from now. Can you share with us about why you know where that came from? 


Matty  03:17

There’s an arbitrariness to the number. But the idea was to set it so far from today, that it gives us the freedom to play around with the world and make it how I shape it, how we like I think it still allows for a lot of creativity, right? The further it is from today’s world, the less realistic people expect the game to be. So it just gives us a lot of creative license to make it really fun and exciting and creative.


Michael  03:39

Absolutely. So Matty,  How did this project come about? Like, what was the inception? Is there a story behind it? Or, you know, can you share a little bit about that?


Matty  03:49

Sure. So my co-founder and I met through another game that he was making. So he’s a game dev, that’s his background. And my co founders name’s Simon. And he was working on this previous game called “Melt Frosty” . I was brought in to help out a little bit and to do some consulting. And, you know, we clicked. We got along well, he had an idea for a new game. Really, he had the seed of the idea, because then I took that idea and really fleshed it out and developed it a lot. So it was a collaborative effort. But at the inception, it started with Simon, and we built what has turned into Cosmic Champs together over some time. So that was probably two or three years ago when we met at another game, and really started working on this project about a year ago. That was when we sort of kicked it up and decided to properly throw everything into it.


Michael  04:36

Okay, so can you share all the different like components of it, so you have a game? We’re gonna get your token in a minute. Can you unpack the Cosmic Metaverse?


Matty  04:47

Yeah, sure. So Cosmic Champs is the first game in this Metaverse that we’re hoping to build. And the idea really is that we want to have an interconnected ecosystem of games like Cosmic Gold, that’s our governance token that we’ve launched. This is the government’s token, the rules, the whole Metaverse, and we want our NFT’s to be portable. So the NFT’s that people can buy for Cosmic Champs will be transportable into the other games that we build in the future. And then those games will be designed with those NFT’s in the front of our mind, they won’t be an add on later, they’ll be designed to give true utility and functionality to those games from the beginning. So we want the Cosmic Champion NFT’s to have a lot of value and a lot of utility, and we think that allowing them to be used in multiple games and across the Metaverse is the way to do that. But it’s not just about games, you know, we want to give the tools for creating our world and adding to it to the community. So Cosmic Gold will be this reward token that rewards people for adding and building on the world that we’re creating. There are lots of things in that in the metaverse, we’ve got VR spaces where our community can come together and hang out. There’ll be a marketplace so that we can have lower fees for our community. And then as well, you know, more income flowing into the ecosystem to the community Treasury, and much planning to transition to a Dow in the future. So as I said, Cosmic Gold is a governance token. So when that transition starts to take place, people will hold the token, and hopefully there are players, they’ll be able to vote on changes to the games into the metaverse.


Michael  06:17

Nice. What are Tokenomics? What does it look like for the Cosmic Gold token?


Matty  06:23

So we launched the Cosmic Gold token a few weeks ago, and it’s going really well, so far, so good, but the basic Token-omics, we had a private sale with about 18% went to VCs, about 50% of the tokens allocated to the community. So that’s through Play to Earn rewards, and Staking rewards and Airdrops and other marketing pushes for community growth. And it was about 15% to the team. And the rest was in reserves and marketing budgets and things like that. So as I said, the token is out now and you can stake it. So the staking pools are already live. They’re happening through Yield Lee. So anyone who’s holding our token is now staking them there to earn extra rewards.


Michael  07:03

Nice. And what’s the total supply of your token?


Matty  07:06

To 70 million and circulating supply at the moment is just under 13%.


Michael  07:11

Okay, and for everyone listening? What’s that ticker, your token’s ticker…


Matty  07:16



Michael  07:19

COSG, Okay. And I saw you chose to build on Algorand. Can you share with us a little bit about why?


Matty  07:26

Yeah, for sure. Well, we think that Algorand has a really bright future. And it’s a really undervalued blockchain, there’s, there’s a lot of great reasons to build on the ground. You know, one of the big ones is that it’s carbon negative. So you know, Algorand was designed and developed with its impact on the environment in mind. Another great set of reasons is that it’s scalable, it’s secure, and the cost of transactions are really low, and they always will be really low, which makes it perfect for a Play to Earn game like ours, it’s going to have thousands of micro transactions every single day. And the speed of transactions is always going to be fast as well, I think it’s 4.5 seconds, or just below that for confirmation of transactions. So, all these things together make it really well suited to a game like ours. And another good reason is that there’s an interesting and unique features of our brand that allow us to create wallets for people when they download an app automatically, which means that, you know, I spoke, I touched on it at the start of our conversation that we wanted to remove a lot of the barriers that exist for onboarding people into Play to Earn games. And, you know, this is the creation of a wallet, you know, people often have to create a wallet, link it to the game, and buy NFT’s before they can start playing, so it means that they have to have crypto knowledge and experience first, and they have to invest in the project before they’ve actually started playing the game, and they know if they like it, and we think that’s the wrong way around. We think you should play the game first, you should develop a love of the game before you invest in it. I mean, so many games out there vying for your attention, I think it’s gonna be harder and harder to convince people to buy into a game before they’ve even played it or seen what it looks like. So the Algorand, the way Algorand works, it allows us to… we can still give people assets without them having a wallet. So we can automate that process of creating a wallet for them and have their assets that they’re earning while they’re playing flow into that wallet. And they can take ownership of that wallet, which can be rekeyed, which means that the passphrase or the keys for that wallet will be reassigned to them. There’ll be new keys, but it will be the same wallet. So that’s one really interesting feature that allows us to onboard people more easily.


Michael  09:37

Absolutely. That’s huge. I mean, that’s almost a game changer for people who are new, you know? Yeah, exactly. Maybe they don’t have a wallet or maybe they don’t have a wallet on an Algorand, you know, etc. And I love that that that you can play the game and get to, you know, get to see if this is the one that you really want, you know, to be involved in before acquiring some of the assets but the fact that if you acquire those some of the game assets before, and you guys actually have a way for those to be, you know, transferred over, if you will, or obtained by the users, that’s awesome. I see that your game is player to player and player versus computer.


Matty  10:15

Yeah, so we’ll launch first, player versus computer, the player versus player gameplay is much more complex. So that’s going to require a bit more testing before we launch it. So we’ll just launch with a player vs computer. And that’ll be happening, the end of this quarter is when we want to close beta. So anyone who holds one of our NFT’s will have priority access, first access to the beta when that launches, and then we’ll have an open beta that happens after maybe a month or so of that initial testing phase. And the first version of the game will publicly launch next quarter. So I’d expect it to be later next quarter.


Michael  10:48

Okay, awesome. And it looks like you have tournaments as well.


Matty  10:52

Yeah, yeah. Well, we think tournaments are super fun. People love tournaments and games.


Michael  10:57

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That’s nice. I think you guys are going in the right direction. Brave wallet is the first secure crypto wallet built natively in a web three, crypto browser. What’s web three? Web three is freedom from big tech in Wall Street, more control and better privacy. But there’s a weak point in web three, your crypto wallet. Most wallets are browser extensions, or web to technology. That means the same old risks, app spoofing, phishing, scams and theft. Brave wallet is different. Brave wallet is the first secure wallet built natively in a web three crypto browser, no extension required. With brave wallet. You can buy, store, send and swap assets, manage NFT’s, even connect other wallets and daps. All from the security of the best privacy browser on the market. Whether you’re new to crypto, or a seasoned pro, it’s time to ditch those risky extensions, it’s time to switch to brave wallet, download brave. and click on the wallet icon to get started. Can you share with our listeners? What problems does Cosmic you know resolve in the gaming experience?


Matty  12:14

Yeah, so I just touched on one of them. And, there’s two that were really focusing on. And one of them is what I just touched on about making it easy to onboard players removing the barriers to entry. I’m not familiar with any other player to earn games that don’t force players to set up a wallet connected and buy NFT’s first, I think it’s pretty much an universal experience at the moment with play to earn games. And as I said, there’s a lot of problems with that. And I don’t think that’s the future of Play to Earn. I think there’s 3 billion gamers out in the world. And the number that are crypto natives is going to be tiny in comparison, there’s probably a few million people who are in the crypto space that play games and are playing games, you know, we saw X Infinity blow out that did really well. And that did an amazing job of bringing new people into crypto, which was awesome. But if we can remove those barriers, then we can unlock the 3 billion games that are out there. And potentially onboard them. I’m not saying we’re gonna have 3 billion players in our game. But by unlocking that market, it gives you a much greater potential for success and a much better, a much larger base of players that are going to be active in your ecosystem. So removing those barriers, that’s one of the things that makes us unique. So as I said, No wallets required, no NFT’s are required, no investment at all is required in our projects, you don’t even need to buy our token, you can just start playing the game, you download it from the App Store, you start playing, and you won’t even know that the blockchain is integrated into the game or feel like a free to play game. And so we think that’s the future of Play to Earn games, making it a seamless experience, making it as close to Free to Play games as possible so that anyone can enjoy it without any, you know, any knowledge of crypto at all. The other one is that we want our game to be super fun and real time. So most of the crypto games are turn-based, they have this slow game play that requires you making a turn and then waiting for the opponent to make a turn. And this is fun. But I think the amount of fun that it can deliver is limited because people who aren’t in the crypto space they used to play in real time games, they’re used to playing games at a fast pace, that actually there’s a lot of action. And if you don’t play your turn, then you just lose, right because the other opponent is going to keep attacking you or whatever the game is. And they’re going to win. They said the two main things that set us apart from a lot of other crypto games are that you know where we’re going to be set in real time. Well, the gameplay is going to be in real time. It’s going to be really fun and exciting to play. And we’re removing those barriers to entry so that we can onboard a much potentially much larger community of users.


Michael  14:43

Awesome. I like that part of it. I see that you have like six types of NFT’s in the ecosystem. Yeah? 


Matty  14:50



Michael  14:51

Can you share some? Why are there six, six types and what are they?


Matty  14:56

All right, so they also have different functions in the game. So, as I said, the game is a Tower Rush style strategy, real time strategy game. So firstly, you need characters, they’re going to battle each other, these are the champs so you’ll have up to even them in your deck. And then you need a spaceship and the spaceship will transport your deck, your characters, your champs to the different planets where the battle arenas are. And while you’re in battle, the ship will be mining the natural resources of the planet. And when you get enough of those resources, you can use them to build a new ship. So that’s a nice mechanism just to control the supply of ships. So then we have the planets, as I mentioned, which host the battle arenas, these are also NFT’s. And people can buy and own these planets and share in the revenue of the game. So when a battle takes place on a planet, only the winner will get place earn rewards, loser gets nothing. But the planet owner will also get a share of the winnings. So there’ll be this nice passive incomes that come through only one of the planets. But the really cool thing about Algorand is that we can have fractional NFTs. So this means that we can have a planet that has say 1000 fractions, and that means we can have 1000 different owners of the planet. So we can have community own planets, not as planets owned by whales, or VCs, because they’re the only ones who can afford it. So it means that each slice of the planet or each fraction will cost, you know, a fraction of the total cost of the planet, which makes it I think provides an entry point for anyone in the community to own a slice from one of those planets and on some of that passive income, which is super cool. And we have a few other a couple of other NFTs, we’ve got blueprints, which are just the the plans or the designs that are used to make the ships. We’ve got treasures, which are going to be anything and everything, treasures are just things that will enhance the gameplay in some way or so could give somebody a chance to power up say like increase their speed or attack strength temporarily. Or it could, you know, increase the Play to Earn rewards as there’s lots of different things that you can do with the treasures. So they’re going to enhance the gameplay in a variety of different ways. And then there’s utilities. And these are things like spells, magic, buildings that might, they can be deployed in gameplay that create new characters, or whatever. So there’s a whole raft of different types of NFT’s and all of them serve different functions in the game.


Michael  17:22

Okay, and I see that you have 2d and 3d models, I’m actually in your white paper, checking that out with some of the cards. And then I wanted to get into the traits with the champs.


Matty  17:34

Yes, all of the NFT’s will be 3d models, we are a 3d game. So they’ll all be 3d models, but you need to have 2d representations of those models as well. So when someone buys that NFT, they’ll be able to view the 3d model, they’ll be able to spin it around and play around with it and see it from every angle. But you know, in the game, when you’re playing, you need to have, you know, just a flat 2d representation of your champs as a card. So you can choose which one you want to drop into the arena when you’re playing, so the game we’ll have both


Michael  18:03

Okay. And I see there’s up to nine traits for each champ. And I know a lot of our NFT collectors and listeners, they’re gonna be interested to know this part. So you want to share with them some of the info about the traits.


Matty  18:17

Yeah, sure. So there’s, yeah, up to nine traits. And this just allows us to play around with the stars and the gameplay and how each of our champs interacts within the game. So you know, one of the traits will be the guild that they’re a part of, which won’t necessarily have anything to do with gameplay, but it’s more to do with the backstory of the character. So it describes which faction or which guild that character is a part of. And then there’s things like, you know, typical things like strength, and that’s their attack strength, there might be speed, and there’s a whole range of different things. Some of them will be common across characters and others will be unique to each type of character.


Michael  18:58

Okay, and I see that you chose to go the season route with releasing different quantities of NFT’s. Yeah, you have the Genesis season. And can you share a little bit about that, about how that will work? 


Matty  19:11

Yes.So every three months, we’ll be dropping a new season of NFTs, and each new season will contain new champs and different types of champs that haven’t been seen before. So we’ll be starting off with a really small drop in season one that’s only about 1500. And we’ll be building you know, we’ll be growing that number of NFT’s as our community grows. So we wanted to keep it small initially, because you know, we’re just starting out on a new project. And we would rather have a smaller number of NFT’s to keep them scarce. Keep the value there for the community. And keep it exciting. When you have a smaller drop, People are more excited because they’re harder to get, they’re a bit rarer. And we’ll just as I said we’ll build from there. So each season there’ll be new champs, there’ll be a greater number of champs, and we’re not we’re not planning to re-release any of the same NFT’s in future seasons, we might at some point, but for the time being, we’re going to be releasing completely new characters with completely new skin designs in new season. Okay


Michael  20:12

Can you share about the NFT Staking? I know, it’s gonna grab the ears and listening of some of our listeners. What is that? And how’s that going to work?


Matty  20:20

Yeah, so… This isn’t available yet. The NFT’s aren’t out yet. So the NFT staking isn’t something that’s available just yet. But you know, we want to give our community multiple ways of extracting value from their assets. So I think NSD staking is a really good way of doing that. And ultimately, an NFT is a token that’s not that different from our fungible token, no like one of our COSG tokens. So actually setting up the staking is quite, it’s quite easy. But as I said, it’s about to start giving our community options of how they’re going to use their assets. So you might be playing with them with your NFT’s in the game, but you haven’t, you might have more NFT’s that you can then you can hold in one of your decks. And remember, this is a game where people are going to have their favorite configurations of champs so they’ll have their favorite decks of champs that go together. And when they’re not using an asset, they will want to know what what can I do with that, that’s going to bring values in me and NFT staking is one of those pathways. And another one is that will allow people to loan out their NFT’s to other players. So if you’re not using an NFT that you have, then you’ll be able to loan it to somebody else through our scholarship platform in the game app. And that will allow you to take a share of their earnings through the game. So there’s going to be lots of ways that you can extract value from the NFT’s, and you can put your NFT’s to good use. So even if you’re not using them today, you can let somebody else use them, or you can stake them, and you can get most of that value out of it that way.


Michael  21:45

Oh, man, I love that. I love the creativity of how you guys have gone above and beyond, you know, thinking about the player in the future, you know, thinking about each person that’s played that’s awesome, you know, the Lending the NFT as well as staking, you know, NFT. Well, you touched on the marketplace. Is there… Are there any other components in the marketplace that you want to share? Or unpack?


Matty  22:07

Not at this point. I think it’s too early, having our own mark. Okay, is this something that’s off in the distant future, we’ll be, we’ll be we’ll be launching the first season of NFT in about a month time, and we’ll be selling them through an existing marketplace. So we’re working on a partnership deal at the moment. And we’ll have our own page on their marketplace where only our NFT’s will be held for sale. So that’d be nice. But as I said, in the future, we will plan to build our own marketplace because it gives you greater control. It allows you to tailor the marketplace specifically to the needs of your project. And it reduces the fees. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Michael  22:43

Absolutely. So can you share with us a little bit about your roadmap here in 2022 and beyond? And what that looks like?


Matty  22:51

Yeah, sure. So our token has already come out. That’s already happened, we’re getting ready to launch our first season of NFT’s that’ll be happening in about a month’s time. And the big events from there are the release of the closed beta of the game at the end of this quarter, then the release of the first public version of the game next quarter. And then we’ll have a new season. As I said earlier, a new season of NFT’s will also come out each quarter. So we’ll have one, quarter two, quarter three, quarter four this year. And as I said gameplay beta, this quarter, public version of the game next quarter, which will be player versus computer only. And the following quarter, there’ll be another season of NFTs and the player versus player version of the game. That multiplayer capability will be launched at the end of the year.


Michael  23:37

Okay, and what is the best way that our listeners can join your community and reach out in being involved?


Matty  23:47

Yeah, so we’ve got all the usual social channels set up. So we’ve got Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit. So all of those. We’re making all announcements through all of those channels. So choose your preferred platform, mine is probably Discord. I think it’s a much nicer layout and allows you to organize information in a clear, coherent way. I like discord, choose, take your pick. We’ve got them all set up. All the announcements are going out to all of them.


Michael  24:13

Awesome. And we’ll have all those links on the episode Blog Post page today on our website and how to contact Matty and his team and join in via their socials and be part of the community. Man, I really liked what you guys have going on in Cosmic Champs. Is there anything else you want to share with the listeners about what you guys have going on?


Matty  24:34

We are releasing gameplay footage. So we haven’t done that yet. So we’ll be releasing gameplay footage in probably two weeks, two to three weeks. So that’ll be out before the first season and then NFT’s come out. So keep an eye out. I think it’d be really exciting. And of the I think it’d be a new step that Play to Earn gaming.


Michael  24:51

Okay, awesome. Now I look forward to it. I’ll be falling as well myself and next time I’m in Australia. We’ll have to surf. 


Matty  24:58

Yeah, sounds good. 


Michael  25:00

Definitely. Hey Matty. It was a pleasure to have you here on today’s show. And thanks for coming out. And, man, we welcome you back in the future.


Matty  25:08

It was awesome to be here. Thanks for having me.


Michael  25:10

Absolutely. Hey, if you like today’s episode, definitely like and subscribe to the podcast and show your support and chime in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then, make it a great day. If you’d like today’s episode, definitely like and subscribe to the podcast. If you’re watching this on YouTube. Click that little bell notification and subscribe to the channel. Show your support and chime in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then, make it a great day. Thanks for tuning in to new to crypto podcast. If you liked the episode, be sure to follow and subscribe. You can listen to every episode on all major platforms and have an interest in being on the show or one advertising reach out at new to Head over to our site new to to access the resources mentioned in each episode. Until next time, remember to navigate the crypto landscape with pinpoint accuracy

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Table of Contents

The real-time strategy video game Cosmic Champs is set in a retro-future. It takes place in a cosmos where ships manned by champions travel throughout space and eventually settle on planets that are hostile and abundant in resources to engage in combat. The game is set in a cosmos where ships manned by champions travel throughout space and eventually settle on planets that are hostile and abundant in resources. Online battle arenas can occasionally take the form of tower-rush tournaments, which pit champions against one another in head-to-head conflict. In their quest to earn a reputation for themselves across the galaxy and acquire a share of the Cosmic Gold, they are willing to resort to any means necessary.

Cosmic Champs is a project that Matty  and Simon jointly founded, and Matty currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his expertise in data analytics, Matty holds a doctoral degree in psychology from a prestigious university. In addition, he was a co-founder of both Yes Please Records and Outsideln Festival when they were first established. His time spent studying at the University of Sydney resulted in the awarding of both a bachelor’s degree and a doctoral degree.

We are aiming to target people playing games on their smart devices

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • [00:01 – 06:08] Opening Segment
    Grow, manage, and store your portfolio with Brave Wallet
    Get to know more about Matty and his background
    Gamer, surfer, psychologist
    The Cosmic Champs
    Set on a futuristic world designed to have an interconnected ecosystem
  • [06:09 – 13:43] The Cosmic Champ
    The Cosmic Gold token and how it can be staked to earn rewards
    Environmentally impact
    Low cost of transactions
  • [13:44 – 24:11] NFTs In The Gaming Realm
    Future NFT plans for Riot Games’ League of Legends
    Matty talks about NFT staking
  • [24:12 – 26:10] Closing Segment
    New and upcoming features for Cosmic Champs
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Users can buy, sell, trade with one another, and even participate in war through the usage of NFTS in The Cosmos, which is a play-to-earn economy powered by GameFi. In NFTS, players can gather a broad range of items, some of which include Champions, Ships, Planets, Blueprints, Treasure, and Utilities, amongst other things. Players may also use Blueprints to create new Champions, Ships, and Planets. Players devise superior strategies to outmaneuver opponents in competitive games and win tournaments so that they can acquire treasure. This is done to construct the best possible combination of champions who have been tested in a fight. If players perform the activity mentioned above, there is a greater chance that news of their achievements will soon spread throughout the universe. Players can increase this potential by expanding it. During combat, the player’s ships will turn into bases and start actively mining a planet’s natural resources. This will produce a sufficient amount of Cosmic Matter for users to acquire Blueprint NFTs, which can then be used to create brand new Ships and increase the size of their fleets. This will allow users to increase the number of ships in their fleets.

Users of Cosmic Champs will be able to keep full ownership of their in-game assets and have complete control over those assets due to the design of the game. Thanks to the game’s design, users will be able to do this. This is in line with the primary developments in the Web3 sector. The game also encourages innovative approaches to forming robust communities of players who share a passion for the game and the diverse cast of characters it features. One of the various exciting new choices that set blockchain games apart from traditional games is the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into a play-to-earn gaming model. This is just one of the many ways that blockchain games differ from traditional games. This is just one example of the many exciting new opportunities currently available, and there are a lot of them. And this is why gaming is shaping up to be the key to unlocking the genuine potential of the NFT company as well as the initiatives associated with the metaverse. It appears that gaming will be the secret to opening the door to the full potential of the NFT sector and the other metaverse ventures.

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