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What is Theta and TFUEL

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What is Theta and TFUEL


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Welcome to the New To Crypto Podcast designed to guide you through the crypto landscape with pinpoint accuracy created for the new and intermediate crypto investor. Join your host Crypto Travels Michael as he takes you through the different facets of getting started and succeeding in your crypto journey. New To Crypto Podcast brings you new episodes daily Monday through Friday with surprise bonus episodes sometimes on the weekend. Let me ask you, are you new to crypto don’t know where to start? Are you more experienced but have questions? Then you’re in the right place. This podcast is designed for you coming at you from the Trading Center and the lifestyle design studio. Here’s your host Crypto Trebles, Michael.



Welcome to today’s show. I’ll tell you this podcast is growing 35 countries people are chiming in to listen to this show. We have listeners in 216 cities around the world right now. And today I have a really good episode for you. It’s going to break down one of the blockchains that is basically one of the most popular blockchains, a fantastic project. 



So today’s episode is What is Theta and Tfuel the theta blockchain or Theta. Some people say Theta, I believe it’s actually referred to as Theta. So the theta blockchain the thetan network is trying to be the main blockchain for content delivery for online streaming. The Live Streaming industry is rapidly growing. Imagine something like YouTube or Vimeo or Netflix. But on a decentralized blockchain platform, the threat of blockchain has its own governance token, and that’s called theta the Theta token.



 Actually, the Theta token is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world right now. holders of the token can take part in governance on the network by staking the theta token, check out my episode on what is staking if you’re not familiar with it. The theta blockchain is an open source protocol, meaning if you or someone you know would like to build decentralized applications on the network, you can. 



If you remember, in the what is Ethereum episode, I mentioned that Ethereum offers something similar to developers of dapps. So the Theta blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer video delivering network Wow, that was a mouthful, and that is accomplished by blockchain technology. Many call this type of technology web 3.0. The thetan network has a goal of being the next generation of entertainment technology, which offers decentralized video streaming, no censoring, because it’s peer to peer that the video delivery platform on the third network is peer to peer.



 And it’s powered by its users and offers multiple content types, including eSports, movies, TV series, and music that that networks users share bandwidth and computing power. And this is done on a peer to peer basis. So there are 1000s of nodes ran on the network, and this helps keep it well decentralized in 2018. they have created another token called t fuel, which is used for gas or fees on the network t fuel can also be used for payment. You can also use t fool to launch smart contracts on their network threaded developers can build on top of the threaded network smart contracts can be built on theta. 



So what are some of the services and things on the threatened system now, which is an esport streaming platform Theta drop, which is an NFT marketplace, and it offers live streaming auctions. Something noteworthy about theta is their advisors include Steve Chen, the co founder of YouTube, and Justin Kahn, the co founder of twitch that is peer to peer infrastructure includes streaming of the World Poker Tour. So the threat of an ecosystem includes a swap which is a decentralized exchange or decks. 



Lastly, you can hold that up or Tfuel tokens, and you can store them in the theta wallet in your web browser. This is kind of like the MetaMask for Theta. If you’re not familiar with meta mask, you might want to chime in and listen to an episode that I did recently about what is a meta mask wallet. So you can hold theta or t feel also on exchanges. Binance is one of them. And many, many other exchanges have both the theta and the t feel token. So I have resources and links for you to find out more about the threat of blockchain, the theta token and t feel token so definitely head over to our site for today’s episode. Until tomorrow. Have a great day.



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Table of Contents

Welcome to the What is Theta and TFUEL episode. How does Theta work? What is TFUEL and much more.

Theta's innovation is set to disrupt today's online video industry much in the same way that the YouTube platform did to traditional video back in 2005

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • Learn what the Theta and Tfuel Tokens are
  • Learn about the Theta Blockchain
  • Discover how Theta is changing the game with video streaming via it’s decentralized network
  • Learn how the co-founder of YouTube is an advisor to Theta

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Final Thoughts

The Live Streaming industry is rapidly growing. Imagine something like YouTube or Vimeo or Netflix. But on a decentralized blockchain platform, the threat of blockchain has its own governance token, and that’s called theta the Theta token.

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