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What is Grape Protocol The Decentralized Social Network Platform [Solana Series]

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Hey! Welcome to today’s show. I’ll tell you this is another one in the Solana series. I have quite a few episodes on the Solana a series to share with you about the entire exploding ecosystem in Solana. And today’s episode is all about Grape Network, the decentralized social network. So this is an exciting one. And without further ado, let’s jump into it. So what is Grape Network? The Grape Protocol is a tool set for building token based membership communities on Solana. With the power of Grape you can create, reward, and secure any online community. The first of these tools is Grape access, where you can create exclusive membership portals for NFT and token holders of the most popular Solana projects today. Grape Protocol is a project built on Solana and it aims to bring the best crypto talents together to form a strong community that focuses on nothing more but constant development of the community and also in blockchain in the entire ecosystem. So let’s break down some of the benefits and features. Grape access is connecting members social accounts to unique cryptographic keys, and it’s at the core of their dynamic balance based membership solution.


The Grape access tool allows tokenized communities to provide exclusive access to users based on their wallet balances and it provides direct proof of skin in the game if you will, for each and every community member, being that they have tokens in their crypto wallet. Let’s break down some of the supported token types. Grape supports the following token types: SPL tokens, NFTs with metadata on Metroplex, Raydium staked LP tokens, Orca staked LP tokens which is coming soon. By the way, I have episodes on all these different projects, definitely check out those; Solana is doing some fantastic things. And I’m bringing you episodes for some of the best projects in the entire ecosystem. So let’s break down multicoin configurations. Their dynamic balance base membership supports also launch tokens. You use your SPL token, token pairs and even LP tokens to set your permissions. Users can even adjust amounts based on exclusivity that they want for unique channel experiences.


So let’s unpack the Grape community. The Grape community is a group of talented Solana’s supporters focused on accelerating the adoption and growth of the Solana ecosystem. And some of the aims and focuses of the community are bringing more people into the Solana ecosystem, supporting the growth and adoption of Solana projects, providing educational materials related to the building, using and investing on Solana. And to accomplish this, the community has adopted a value system where influence and voting are delegated by no one person, it’s by those who are contributing the most and have the that have the greatest influence in the decision making. So they have chosen to adopt a community first approach. And some of the values of the community is transparency, fairness, excellence, and the Grape DAO is the highest expression of community involvement. Being a member of this group means you are one of the core contributors and will vote in major decisions. The DAO application is available on Discord and users must have at least one skill role and must hold a minimum of 20,000 Grape to enter.


And some of the benefits are is voting voting on funny proposals voting on sub DAO allocation, etc. So who are the founders of this project? There’s not too much information about the team behind Grape since most of the members remain anonymous. It’s only known that it was co founded by Dean Pappas. So let’s break down the Grape’s token for a moment. The Grape token distribution is planned over five years for the first 700 million tokens, and the DAO will decide how to allocate the remaining 300 million for community rewards. So the maximum total supply of tokens is 1 billion tokens. And I think it’s fair to say that the future is decentralized. I mean, with this project, you’re even looking at decentralized social networking. In my previous episode, I talked about a decentralized dating app on blockchain. So so much of the future is going towards decentralized. It’s definitely worth something for you to research. And to check out more. Check out is the URL to find out more about this amazing project. So I hope today has brought… just shed some light on about this project and what they’re doing. Be sure to chime in here tomorrow for a very special episode. Until then, make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! In today’s podcast, we’ll be discussing what Grape Protocol is and what it has to offer as a social networking platform. 

What Is Grape Protocol? 

Upon this Solana blockchain, the Grape System is a protocol for creating token-based membership communities. By utilizing the power of Solana, you can establish, incentivize, and safeguard any online community.

The foundation of their Dynamic Balance-Based Membership system is linking users’ online profiles to distinctive cryptographic keys.

Users receive permission and access rights depending on the balances in their wallets, demonstrating that everyone in the community has “Skin in the Game.”

All Solana coins are supported by their Dynamic Balance-Based Membership. To set your permissions, use your SPL token, token pairs, or even LP tokens. For distinct channel interactions, adjust the numbers based on the level of exclusivity you desire.

For revenue-generating organizations, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the ideal structure. Members and leaders can jointly deliberate on the collective’s future. It can vary from straightforward binary decisions to complex strategic value-creation maneuvers.

Grape has teamed with the MEDIA foundation in respect to Decentralized Social Networking. Media Foundation is a decentralized censorship resistance network solution that enables users to make twitch or YouTube broadcasts without becoming censored by a centralized server.

This collaboration lays the groundwork for a CDN to provide streaming services to token holders. Users with the MEDIA and GRAPE tokens will have access to special, censorship-resistant streams, which will be available anywhere a Solana wallet can be validated. 


A community’s people are its most important asset, but they should also be bound by standards and procedures to help them achieve their common objective. 

Grape DAO holds their discussions openly on the server via a live stream, and the duration of the meeting is well documented to prevent the risk of data loss. The DAO makes decisions via a voting system, with the majority of votes deciding what will be put in place. 

To be a participant of the DAO, you must have a Class A role with a minimal level of 20000 grape and a skill role, as it is required of each DAO member to have a region in which they are active. 

Nevertheless, if a DAO member who previously held Class A membership drops below that by any amount of grape, they will be automatically removed from the DAO.

Members can also participate in the DAO meeting by posting questions, recommendations, and ongoing issues in the ‘Live Questions’ channel, which closes at the conclusion of the Live broadcast until the next Live stream begins.

I think it's fair to say that the future is decentralized. I mean, with this project, you're even looking at decentralized social networking.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Grape
  • Features and Benefits
  • The founders
  • The Grape Token
  • The DAO

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Final Thoughts

On Solana, the GRAPE protocol is a set of tools for creating token-based membership networks. Grape allows you to develop, reward, and safeguard any online community.

GRAPE Access, the first of these technologies, provides exclusive membership portals for NFT and token holders of today’s top prominent Solana ventures.

Its goal is to bring together the greatest crypto expertise to establish a strong community that is only focused on the continuous progress of not only its community but also its ecosystem.

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