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What is Fantom Starter: The Growing LaunchPad Project on Fantom [Fantom Series]

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By: cryptotravelsmichael

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Welcome to today’s show. Today’s episode is part of the Fantom ecosystem series that I’m doing and today is all about Fantom Starter. So let’s jump into today’s episode. What is Fantom Starter? Well, Fantom Starter is a protocol that empowers investors to take part in groundbreaking blockchain projects. It allows investors to learn about projects and products view their business plans and gain insight into the background of the companies and teams behind them. With Fantom Starter users can raise and invest capital on any blockchain while their decentralized investment app manages all of the regulatory compliance and multi network responsibilities. This means a project can easily raise funds from a wider variety of investors. 


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The project aims to protect investors by carefully vetting projects and products before they are released into the Fantom Starter ecosystem. They are providing professional advice to help investors navigate the volatile cryptocurrency space. The team is following the footsteps of an early blockchain Launchpad projects such as Dao Maker and PolkaStarter that provide strategic investments and structure for blockchain projects and products. Unlike previous launch pans, Fantom Starter allows blockchain projects to integrate projects on most major block chains including Ethereum, polygon, Binance smart chain as well as Fantom. So let’s go over some of the benefits and technology. The majority of the DeFi products have been built on the Ethereum blockchain. 


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The problem is that there’s huge gas fees that come with every transaction that you make on Ethereum. Due to the proof of work consensus, so many users are disappointed with high gas fees and they’re looking for something similar but on another blockchain on another platform to use DeFi products with lower gas fees. As a solution, developers responded by starting to build the DeFi products on Fantom which runs on DAG. 


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Compared to Ethereum, Fantom has a much higher transaction rate and a little very little gas fee. So Fantom starter aims to provide security and confidence to investors with the first launch pad on Fantom that thoroughly vets perspective DeFi projects and protocols. Fantom Starters goal is to solve the growing pains of previous IDOs and to create a place for crypto investors and projects seeking to raise crypto capital major present ideal platforms support single chain fundraising and they need to create multiple chain accounts to participate in different chain IDOs Fantom Starter has come as a solution for this offering and multi chain Launchpad. The Fantom Starter team has created a thoughtfully executed risk rating score to protect investors against scams and vaporware projects, etc. 


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Their next generation decentralized investment protocol provides an intuitive user experience that makes it easy to judge risk and take action a tiered investment model has been created that offers options ranging from a lottery that will take place in the investment pool to be guaranteed an allocation and vetted projects. There are seven tiers for investors to choose from tier one to three grant investors allocation rights in the form of a lottery. These tears come with investor requirements like marketing of the project on platforms and blockchain centric networks. The lottery odds ranged from 10 to 50%. Tiers four through seven guarantees investors allocation and governance rights beyond the tiered system are the top LP and ministry wallets these tears are intended for mature venture capitalists that are involved with tech incubators and are partnered with other companies in the space on Fantom Starter developers. will submit their projects business plans before entering the vetting process, when accepted by Fantom Starters team, the project will be eligible to access FS incubator in the form of financing marketing, developer advisory, auditing and strategic planning. 


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The Launch Pad is committed to providing as many resources as necessary to guarantee the chance of success. Fantom Starter offers a decentralized investment app with built in governance that is cost effective and secure. This is a great option for project developers seeking to raise capital. Instead of traditional VC funding route, Fantom Starter brings users to grade a projects and removes the guesswork for startups ministry project curation all projects will be filtered based on various conditions and their concept this filtering process is conducted by the most experienced people in the team later after approval. The projects are then released into the market to raise funds. Fantom Starter makes investor’s lives simpler as they filter through projects before delivering them to users. 


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The Fantom Starter community provides a governance hub where token and NFT holders can use their voting power to champion the projects they believe in. To improve liquidity in the AMM pools, Fantom Starter uses FS Fantom Starter tokens to reward the liquidity provider via fees This helps to drive in the liquidity for the project and enhance the smooth running of the project. The founders of Fantom Starter are Alex and Maxine. Alex is a software engineer Maxie is also a founder of multiple community driven defined NFT projects. He’s also a crypto and traditional angel investor and project analyst. So let’s break down the FS token. 


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The FS token is the governance and utility token on Fantom Starter, the FS token is needed to hold in order to join one of the seven different tiers on their platform. Also, holding and staking FS or NFT’s will grant you access and chance to participate in Fantom Starters approved IDO projects to based on your tier level. You also get access to participate in the FS community governance voting, the FS token is heavily integrated into the protocol. And this is the backbone of the platform. The total supply of the FS token is 1 billion tokens. So I hope this has provided you a deeper insight and an overview as to what is Fantom Starter, the Fantom ecosystem is growing and it has some incredible projects on it. And I’ll definitely be watching those closely. So I hope that you liked today’s episode, definitely like and subscribe to the podcast and tune in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

There is a growing LaunchPad Project on Fantom that you need to known as Fantom Starter, a protocol that empowers investors to take part in groundbreaking blockchain projects.This episode is a continuation of the Fantom ecosystem series that I’ve been doing and today is all about Fantom Starter. 

If you’re an investor who wants their investments made easy, safe, and come with low gas fees, then tune in to learn more about this project that is made for people just like you.

Phantom starter makes investor's lives simpler as they filter through projects before delivering them to users.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

[00:01 – 02:24] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to another incredible episode
  • An intro to Fantom Starter
    • Empowering investors to be part of groundbreaking projects
    • Learn the ins and outs of new projects
    • Raise and invest capital on the blockchain
    • Projects carefully vetted
    • Allows blockchain projects to integrate from other blockchains


[02:25 – 06:10] What is Fantom Starter: The Growing LaunchPad Project on Fantom

  • How Fantom Starter avoids huge gas fees
    • Run on DAG 
    • Security and confidence with low gas fees
  • Helping navigate growing pain points in the crypto space
    • Offering multichain LaunchPad
    • Risk-rating score
    • Next generation DeFi 
  • Different tiers system
    • 7 tiers in total 
    • Each come with investor requirements
    • Lottery odds and governance rights 
  • Includes a decentralized investment app
    • Built-in governance 


[06:11 – 08:36] Fantom Starters Native Tokens

  • Governance Hub
    • Token and NFT Holders can use voting power
  • Background of Fantom Starter’s creation 
    • Founders Alex and Maxie
    • Background in NFTs and angel investing
  • About the FS Token 
    • Needed to join the tiers on the platform
    • Staking will grant participation access
    • Total supply at time of recording: 1B tokens
  • Keep tuning in for more on the growing Fantom Ecosystem

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Final Thoughts

FantomStarter was intended to address the growing pains of Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) and to provide a one-stop shop for crypto investors and companies looking to raise funding in the cryptocurrency space.

IDOs have transformed and democratized the process of raising funds for blockchain firms.

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