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What is Crypto Mines? The Metaverse NFT Play-To-Earn Game

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Hey, welcome to today’s podcast. We hit number one when searching crypto on tune in. So I think the entire community wherever you’re listening to this episode from and today’s episode is another one in the crypto gaming series. And it’s all about Crypto Mines. So without further ado, let’s jump into what is Crypto Mines. Crypto Mines is a sci fi NFT play-to-earn game designed to provide users with an entertaining experience that will allow them to collect workers and spaceships to navigate through a Metaverse in search of ETERNAL which is the token this mineral will allow them to stay alive. And along the way make profits.

Crypto Mines aims to be the best sci fi game on the blockchain while allowing players to be a part of a vast universe discover new strategies and of course make profits along the way. The game was deployed on the Binance smart chain and is compatible with web three wallets such as metamask and others and these can be used to accept transactions and pay gas fees. Metamask can be installed as a browser extension, as you know, or as an application on mobile phones. assets will belong to the players and are NFT minted in ERC 721 standard, which can be exchanged or sold in the marketplace. So let’s break down some of the benefits and features in mining planets. The game is actually based on attacking planets with your mining power, which you can get from your workers, and your workers go on expeditions to the planet. Each planet has a minimum mining power requirement. If you don’t reach that mining power, you will not be able to attack that planet. Each planet has rewards and a percentage of victory. So every day you will not get rewards because if you go to a planet with say 70% success rate, and 30% of the time, you will lose and not get the reward. So you can participate every day in an expedition.

Let’s break down spaceships. Spaceships will allow the transport of workers to new planets, where they will gain better rewards depending on the mine power acquired. And these ships when minted will obtain a level of rarity that will define the number of workers that can transport in your expeditions, each player will have a maximum limit of 10 ships in their fleet. The rarity of your spaceships directly affects the rink and the success rate of your fleet that you have at the time of arming. So let’s break down the workers. Workers are the main mining force and will be deployed to mine the ETERNAL token, and the ticker is ETERNAL through the metaverse. Each worker will also need to be maintained on The Guild by using fleets once you have mented the workers for your crew you will have a vast differences depending on rarity, which ones are the greatest workers and you can also boost your profits to new galaxies so workers can be let go or burned, which will give 20% of the MIT costs back to the player paid and ETERNAL. And also let’s not forget the fleets, these are NFTs created from a combination of all your workers and ships.

You can add NFTs to these fleets or disassemble them entirely recovering all your workers and ships separately again. However, you will not be able to remove workers or ships added to it individually. It’s recommended that you create your fleet with a strategy in mind and your fleets will have different attributes among them main: mining power, fleet rank, fleet level and fleet contract. So, your fleets will not be able to be dismantled. If they are contracted, remember, a fleet will lose all of its gathered experience if it’s dismantled, and there’s no maximum limit of fleets per account. So let’s break down the fleet and rank. So there are five ranks within the fleets and I’m going to arrange them from rarest to least rare: rank S rank A, rank B, rank C and rank D, the rank of your fleet will be selected by a majority system, and the rarity of the spaceships that have the majority in your fleet will decide the rank of your fleet.

Contracts are needed for your fleets to be eligible to attend expeditions. And each fleet has the number of workers that you have entered to it. contracts must be paid to each of the workers that are in your fleet. And your fleets can be hired for a minimum of seven days. But you can also hire them for 15 or even 30 days. Once the contract expires, you must hire them again if you want to be able to go on expeditions. And as I mentioned, there’s fleet levels. This is really an interesting game. And then there’s fuel fuel as necessary to be able to make expedition to planets within the fleet. And this must be acquired prior to the expedition. Manuel Torres is the owner and founder of the game. And he started developing software from a young age and basically filled this love for gaming and passion by using the latest technologies.

And I’m going to see if I can get Manuel on the show. That would be phenomenal. So let’s break down the ETERNAL token. ETERNAL serves as a native currency for crypto mines, and players use ETERNAL to mint characters, mint spaceships, extending the lives of workers by hiring and buying or selling on the Crypto Mines marketplace. There’s a maximum supply of 5 million ETERNAL tokens, Crypto Mines forms a correlation between active users and the dollar value of ETERNAL. The assumption is that when ETERNAL’s price rises, the demand for ETERNAL increases as well as through the release of new game features, or an influx of new players, if you will. So definitely check out Crypto Mines head over to the website. For today’s episode. I’ll have all of the links there. So this is just another one in the crypto Gaming Series. Definitely like and subscribe to the podcast. We’re lining up interviews with founders and co founders of projects for you. Coming up here the first part of this year, chime in here tomorrow for a very special episode. Until then, make it a great day.

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Welcome back to another podcast episode! Today’s discussion will be about the Metaverse NFT P2E game known as Crypto Mines. Keep reading to know more! 

What Is CryptoMines? 

CryptoMines is a non-transferable token (NFT) game where you may earn money by playing. The game is set in space and is evocative of classic browser-based worker placement games like Travian, Dark Throne, and Ikariam. CryptoMines’ gameplay, similar to those games, starts slowly and has some uninteresting periods. 

Fortunately, with this game, that shouldn’t be an issue. The less work you put in to earn cryptocurrencies in play-to-earn games, the better. CryptoMines, on the other hand, requires very little of your time that it may be considered passive revenue. 


You play as a mining magnate in CryptoMines, commanding a fleet of workers and ships. The acquisition phase of the game takes the most time. It takes a lot of patience, thinking, and study to buy enough employees with enough Mining Power (MP) and Ships that can transport them to various planets. 

Each planet you can mine will have a specific MP need, so you’ll need to go to the marketplace with a specific goal in mind. You’ll need to plan ahead of time for the quantity of ships you’ll need to purchase, as well as manage your worker loadout. Keep in mind that you want to spend as little money as possible, so look for high-MP, low-cost units. 

Participants will need a wallet, because the game is entirely played in a browser, it may be played on any browser that supports MetaMask or a similar type wallet.

About The Creators 

According to the game’s white paper, CryptoMines’ development team is made up of a small bunch of friends with expertise in Blockchain, networking, programming, game creation, and the play-to-earn components of the current crypto market. The company envisions CryptoMines as a way to use NFT gaming to improve lower-income societies.

Manuel Torres is the founder of CryptoMines. The game’s development team is made up of South American game designers and entrepreneurs, the majority of which are from Chile.

Important To Note

The devs of CryptoMines have chosen to retire the current edition of the game, now named CryptoMines (Legacy), on December 8, 2021. CryptoMines (Reborn), a fresh edition of the game, is expected to be released soon. 

Until the $ETERNAL supply is depleted, current players can go on expeditions to gain $ETERNAL. They can then swap their best Fleet for discount tickets, which can be used in the new game for discounted minting. 

The developers plan to rebuild the game’s economy in order to safeguard it from exploits and token dumps, which happened in the previous CryptoMines game and resulted in a large drop in $ETERNALS pricing near the conclusion of the game’s lifecycle.

Crypto Mines forms a correlation between active users and the dollar value of ETERNAL. The assumption is that when ETERNAL's price rises, the demand for ETERNAL increases as well as through the release of new game features.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Crypto Mines?
  • Planets, fuel, Spaceships, workers.
  • What are Fleets?
  • Fleets ranks
  • Founders of Crypto Mines
  • The ETERNAL token

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Final Thoughts

CryptoMines is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT play-to-earn game. It’s a sci-fi game in which players travel on expeditions to numerous worlds to mine the metaverse’s money, $ETERNAL.

CryptoMines participated in the Binance Most Valuable Builder Program III and was named one of the top performers for the month of October.

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