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What is Atrix DEX Powered By Serum [Solana Series]

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Welcome to today’s podcast. I’ll tell you our show has been growing. I thank you for the support from you the listener. And we’ve been receiving feedback from all over the community leaders in the industry, our listeners from all over the world in over 131 countries. So I truly think you today’s episode is another one in the Solana series that I’m doing. And it’s all about Atrix. What is Atrix, the dex powered by Serum? So without further ado, let’s jump into it. What is Atrix? Atrix is an AMM decentralized exchange running on the Solana blockchain that utilizes serums order books, investors can create liquidity pools and farms directly on the platform. This is a competitive feature since the platform allows users to create customized pools. Atrix created a Solana Serum based platform that offers a DeFi trilogy with dex liquidity pools and farms. The Atrix platform is trying to provide DeFi services to all crypto users, ranging from traders farmers and startup teams. Currently, Atrix has three strategic products: an AMM dex based on serums order books for swapping tokens, liquidity pools to add liquidity directly to serum, and yield farms for liquidity mining. Solana initially caught the team’s interest because of its programming model and crazy TPS numbers for you really technical developers. So after some checking into Solana, the team was very attracted and Solana became the right choice for the project. Solanas unique programming model allows for a lot of flexible systems where effectively new instances of a program can be easily spun up through an interface since the program and data can be entirely independent. Atrix is a project with great potential since it deploys an innovative business model targeting DeFi users and developers. 


So let’s break down some of the benefits and features. The pools; users can create liquidity pools for any Serum market depositing liquidity in these pools will return Atrix LP tokens, and the ticker is aLP tokens which represent a proportional share of the liquidity in the pool. aLP tokens can then be used as almost like money Legos in other protocols, and can be staked on Atrix’s farms. Atrix allocates all tokens deposited on its liquidity pools into Serum, based on a constant product equation. Atrix utilizes this equation to create a number of open orders on Serum, which are updated as swaps and trades as they’re performed. In the future, distributions may be updated according to on chain oracles. Atrix will also run cranks for liquidity pools to ensure he gets placed Serum orders are always up to date, as most projects will likely not have the resources to manage shared liquidity on their own. 


Let’s also breakdown permissionless pools; are free to be created by Atrix users. When providing liquidity in those pools, investors receive Atrix LP tokens in return. And those tokens can be utilized on other protocols or on Atrix’s farms. Let’s also break down the Serum liquidity integration; Project serum is a decentralized exchange built on the Solana blockchain that provides unprecedented speed and low transaction costs for DeFi or decentralized finance. Definitely check out my episode all about Serum if you haven’t, and the episode all about Solana, so let’s break down the farms: users can create aLP liquidity mining farms with custom token emissions using an intuitive interface with zero coding knowledge required. Users can choose between allocated emissions or minted emissions. Also, I want to mention the customized farms: on the Atrix platform users can easily create customized farms to emit tokens. And also should be mentioned that it’s easy to use the benefit of the simple interface is that Atrix can attract a lot more usage by being a flexible and easy to use protocol. The team is constantly building this flexibility into the system to make sure that it can accommodate users needs. And there’s also an Almond integration. Atrix is cooperating with Almond to launch yield farming pools to attract new investors with high annual percentage yields. Atrix along with Almond is going to climb the ranking ladder, since they’re closely knit tied together. 


And as I mentioned earlier about order books as the orders get filled, and the ratio of tokens changes. Atrix refreshes the orders on the book to reflect the new ratio. And Atrix allocates all of its liquidity towards the orders. It places on Serum. Since Serum, is the central location for liquidity on Solana. So Atrix bridges the gap by allowing users to add liquidity directly into Serum through a constant product equation. Regarding who the founders are of Atrix, there’s actually no information about the team or the co founders, so they’re anonymous. So what is the future hold in store for a Atrix? The Atrix token has not been released yet, although the platform has reached the mainnet milestone. So the opportunity here is to interact with the platform to receive retroactive airdrops retroactive airdrops are often distributed to think early adopters that have completed certain interactions with the platform. So I hope today’s episode has just provided an overview for you about this project. And this is another one in the Solana a series that I’ve been doing. So definitely like and subscribe to the podcast, and chime in here tomorrow for another special episode. Until then, make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! In today’s discussion, we will be looking into Atrix and whether it seems like a worthy investment or not. Let’s get right into it! 

What Is Atrix? 

Atrix is an AMM decentralized exchange that uses Serum’s order books and runs on the Solana blockchain. In addition, investors can directly construct Liquidity Pools and farms on the platform. Because the website allows customers to establish personalized pools, this is a competitive feature. 

The Atrix decentralized exchange employs an AMM interface with the constant product equation x*y=k, where x and y are the number of deposited tokens in the Liquidity Pools, respectively. This will transfer the specified liquidity to Serum, which will then construct open orders for trading on the Serum platform.

Because total liquidity improves, the Atrix protocol and the Serum platform benefit from the additional liquidity, as a response, Serum acts as a liquidity hub, pooling money from several DeFi protocols.

Atrix users can establish permissionless pools for free. Investors receive Atrix LP tokens (ALP) in exchange for providing liquidity in those pools. These tokens can be used in Atrix farms or on other protocols.

For instance, you can exchange ALP tokens for ALM tokens on Almond farms, which is mentioned further down in this article.

Users can simply establish customized token farms on the Atrix platform.

Atrix Token 

Even though the platform has completed the mainnet milestone, the Atrix token has yet to be launched. As a result, the opportunity to interact with the platform in order to obtain retroactive airdrops exists. 

Early adopters who have completed specified engagements with the platform are frequently rewarded with retroactive airdrops.

Because there has been no formal notice from the developer team, this airdrop may not take place. Who knows if Atrix will follow in the footsteps of Uniswap, which gave out a large UNI token airdrop to its early adopters. Not much can be said about what the future may hold.

Atrix can attract a lot more usage by being a flexible and easy to use protocol. The team is constantly building this flexibility into the system to make sure that it can accommodate users needs.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Atrix
  • Benefits and features of Atrix
  • Atrix Team
  • Atrix Tokens
  • Atrix Integrations and Partnerships


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Final Thoughts

DeFi services are being offered by the Atrix platform to all crypto users, including traders, farmers, and startup teams. Those items have been completed and are ready to use. As a result, the platform is concentrating on increasing its speed in order to attract more liquidity.

The farming interaction between Atrix and Almond is depicted in the flow diagram below. With the use of the platform’s SPL tokens, you may maximize and compound your farming yields. This contributes to both platforms’ initial success.

Furthermore, since the Atrix platform’s smart contracts have not been reviewed by any security firm, this means that the Atrix team or hackers might pull the rug out from under investors or manipulate the system to drain all available liquidity. As a result, investors should only invest the number of tokens they are ready to lose.

Because Atrix and Almond are so closely linked, they will climb the ranking ladder together. Nevertheless, thanks to farms with high APYs, the TVL is fast increasing. The TVL can be modified once the hype party is done.

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