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SolDate: First Ever Dating App on Blockchain [Solana Series]

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Okay, welcome to today’s podcast continuing on in the Solana a series that I’m doing. Today’s actually a really interesting project. It’s all about Soldate, the first-ever dating app on blockchain, and this is part of the Solana series. So let’s jump into today’s episode what is Soldate? Soldate is bringing online dating onto the Solana of blockchain, providing an entirely fresh dating experience to its users. Unlike traditional dating apps, Soldate is intent on building a community-driven transparent, accurate, and most importantly secure platform. Soldate will be a decentralized transparent digital dating site backed by the powerful technology of the Solana of blockchain. Soldates name comes from soulmate and indicates its origin and function as Solana and dating. It will have its own utility token name, DATE, D-A-T-E token to govern all the functions of the app. There will be no reoccurring membership payments or distressing advertisements when you use Soldate. The history of Soldate is the team started building ideas around Soldate when Coronavirus basically crushed social life and with the fear of infection and lockdowns. The platform first started with Ethereum but the speed and high cost of the transactions made it impossible.


The growth speed and cheap transactions of the Solana ecosystem ultimately made it the right fit for Soldate. Let’s break down some of the problems of online dating. Once love was just a feeling between two lovers. Now it’s been overrun by middle people sharing data (data sharing) complicated behavioral and cross-device user data tracking, and most importantly, money-seeking organizations. Dating apps are broken and a lot of them are unethical. Let’s be honest. The promise of online dating services was to create a more efficient site for finding love, the hope of it, and using the Internet to connect two parties. The latest kind is this new medium that we arrive in with a transparent and efficient matchmaking service and the matchmaking ecosystem that has evolved over the last two decades. And that brings us to where we are now was Soldate and blockchain. So let’s break down some of the benefits and features. How about freedom and fairness? Love and dating must be free and fair. Controlled dating environments created by profit-driven centralized online dating apps defeat the purpose of creating a liberated dating solution. Leveraging blockchain technology Soldate is liberating love and redefining matchmaking to provide users with the ultimate online dating experience.


Let’s break down virtual dating. One of the advanced features of Soldate platform is Soldates virtual dating, which allows users to get as close as they can to an in-person dating experience virtually, and eliminates cases of fake profile matching and etcetera along those lines. So on the sole the platform, users will not be able to fake their identities. This means that every single time you find a match, you’re connected to a real person with a real profile. So let’s address the privacy protection for a moment. Soldate platform uses the strictest protocols to protect the identity of their users. On the platform, users will also be restricted from taking screenshots to protect dissemination and misuses of sensitive personal information. Soldates platform allows users to earn rewards as they spend time on the platform and share their stories of successful matches on the platform. There are multiple match rewards offered, and users receive them periodically based on their engagement levels, unlike other apps Soldate will not match users randomly, but it will allow users to control with whom they want to be matched with and reward them. So dates platform also allows access to exclusive NFTs, users can get all different types of NFTs on the platform and create personalized memories by sending trendy and unique gifts to their prospective partners. Let’s address the ad-free portion of it.


Soldate is an ad-free platform and will remain this way with the distributed ledger technology or DLT on the platform is built to remain highly transparent throughout. With Solana blockchain and deploying advanced cybersecurity protocols, the platform guarantees the security of all personal data and information. Soldates platforms design is user-driven, and it means not only that the features and functionality of the platform are designed to be Pro user. DATE token holders, D-A-T-E token owners, get to participate in the policymaking and they also vote on key decisions related to the platform. DATE tokens allow users to get access to an additional number of swipes by swiping a user initiates a potential interaction on the platform. There’s also a loyalty program. The DATE token is a token based on Solana, it’s an important element of the Soldate app. Users will be able to access all of the features of the app just by holding DATE tokens in their wallet. Unlike memberships, DATE will never have an expiration date and can be used for as long as you hold them. So I hope this is unpacked and provided a little bit of light for you as to what Soldate is on Solana. Definitely like and subscribe to the podcast and chime in here tomorrow for another episode. Until then, make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

Welcome back to another podcast episode! Are you looking for your one true love – someone that shares your love for crypto with you? Well, now you can!

That’s right – we’re talking about SolDate! 

What is Soldate? 

SolDate, a new Solana protocol, introduced their brand new coin, DATE, on May 22nd.

SolDate is the very first decentralized, community-owned dating site fueled by Solana. It continuously gives customized, attractive dating matches based on a range of characteristics and its framework.

SolDate is a blockchain-based dating site created in reaction to the large number of dating apps that the SolDate team saw as unethical, money-hungry businesses. 

Their new DATE currency will be compatible with SolDate’s blockchain dating protocol. 

The purpose for a dating site having its cryptocurrency is that the SolDate token DATE aims to give user incentives and community-driven governance to the SolDate system, among other things. 

On Solana, the DATE Token is a fixed supply, deflationary token with a burning feature as one of its functionalities.

SolDate’s name comes from the word soulmate, indicating its inception and purpose as a Solana-based dating app. There is no other initiative similar to SolDate, and the company feels that theirs will fill a gap in the market.

Merits Of DATE

Users will be rewarded for finding matches with the token. Their Match rewards initiative aims to reward users for matching by incentivizing them. 

Although the exact nature of the incentive is unknown, the goal is that it will attract more users, as SolDate will be the only dating app that rewards users simply for matching. 

When two users are matched or accept an invitation, the reward is granted. This functionality is unique in that it requires both users to approve it independently to earn the reward. 

This indicates a solution in place to prevent people from misusing the platform to farm tokens or improperly manipulating their profiles.

DATE will also be utilized in the development of a loyalty program. The more DATE you have, the more comprehensive your profile’s reach becomes, which means more people will see it. 

DATE has been developed in such a way that it pays you for using the dApp, which distinguishes it from other dating services that remain static regardless of how much you use them.

Another advantage of DATE is the ability to transact through SolDate’s NFT marketplace. Users can buy, create, and send NFTs to their matches using SolDate and the DATE token without paying any fees to other users on the platform. 

Your sent NFT will live on the blockchain in perpetuity, making your contribution indestructible.

DATE will also be used to influence platform changes and new functionality as a governance tool. DATE token holders can propose and vote on future initiatives and concepts, rewarding regular users who receive matches and earn DATE tokens.

DATE will also allow the site to be self-sufficient, meaning users will not be required to pay any costs. 

A fee of 3.33 percent will be applied to each Match rewards claim, used to pay the protocol’s bills, effectively reducing the tool’s cost.

Dating apps are broken and a lot of them are unethical. Soldate will be a decentralized transparent digital dating site backed by the powerful technology of the Solana of blockchain.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

  • What is Soldate
  • History
  • Benefits and features
  • Founders
  • The DATE token


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Final Thoughts

The SolDate project appears to be incredibly stunning, and it stands apart from the rest of the chain. SolDate’s plan is exceptionally outstanding in that it will be self-sustaining while also providing users with all of the features of a paid dating app at no cost.

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