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Don’t Miss The Lending Protocol on Fantom Called SCREAM [Fantom Series]

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Hey, welcome to today’s episode, we have now been heard and downloaded in 112 countries around the world spanning 1400 cities. So I truly welcome you and I thank you for all of your support and today’s episode is another one in the Fantom series. It’s all about Scream.


So let’s jump into what is Scream? Well, Scream is a lending protocol built on the Fantom network Scream provides peer to peer lending solutions that are fully decentralized, transparent and non custodial. Scream aims to build high velocity markets for more traditional crypto asset lending services, but it has the goal of improving overall capital efficiency across a wider range of Fantom based assets similar to existing lending platforms like Compound Finance, Aave and Cream Finance users will be able to lend any supported assets on their money markets and use their capital as collateral to borrow supported assets. At launch Scream will enable borrowing and lending money markets across a set number of assets, with community governance expected to be fully implemented by q4 of 2021. This year.


 As Ethereum continues to gain the largest institutional ready adoption layers and defy the bias towards existing networks and protocols will exist Scream aims to become a disruptor by offering new and innovative lending markets on Fantom rather than just being another cross chain alternative, Scream we’ll explore lending and borrowing capabilities across Fantom based assets. So let’s dive into some of the benefits and technology, shall we. Scream will enable users to borrow and lend tokens directly on its platform with low fees, this is basically due to the high scalability of the Fantom network where the fees are cheaper for transactions and users can get an excellent experience while utilizing services on the protocol and real time information. 


Scream aims to offer one of the highest liquidity platforms on Fantom. By offering money markets with the highest liquidity at launch and aligning their incentive strategies with these markets Scream will introduce additional money markets including stable coins, DeFi tokens, LP tokens and other major markets utilizing the FTM bridge, Scream can quickly and efficiently swap assets between all FTM supported blockchains. The goal is to build a one stop shop for lending products on the Fantom network. Governance over the protocol will be a key milestone once the platform accomplishes its technical milestones in the coming months. Scream has integrated SC loans into its Fantom money market. SC loans are developer tools that provide access to under collateralized loans, pending the borrowed amount and fee that is returned within one transaction block on the network. 


SC loans will offer a wide range of use cases including arbitrage and collateral swapping opportunities and interest rate swapping. SC loans derived from Aave’s flash loans, except SC loans are implemented on Scream’s lending token SC token. Similar to Cream Finance, there are three major differences between SC loans and Aave’s flash slow developers can directly interact with SC tokens instead of the lending pool. To execute an SC loan users must know the specific asset address of SC token so fees are really low point 0.2%. Scream implements the collateral and reserve mechanism implemented by the Compound Protocol reserves are an accounting entry in each SC token contract that represents a portion of historical interest. Basically, it’s like set aside as cash which can be withdrawn or transfer through the protocols governance of course once that’s enabled you for a small portion of borrower interest accrues into the protocol determined by the Reserve factor the reserve factor is the percentage of interest paid to the Scream Protocol.


If the factor reserve or if the reserve factor is 10, then that would imply a 10% rate of the interest paid on the borrowed asset allocated to Scream as see tokens have a collateral factor that can range between zero up to 90%. And it represents the proportionate increase in liquidity, which is the borrower amount the borrower amount and that account receives by minting the SC token, large or liquid assets tend to have high collateral factors, whereas smaller or more illiquid assets will tend to have lower collateral factors. If an asset has a 0% collateral factor, it cannot be used as collateral or seized in a forced liquidation event basis. However, the asset can still be borrowed. So basically, in summary, the collateral factor is the maximum you can borrow against a particular asset. Scream will have a governance protocol, the protocol that will enable community voting once locked liquidity milestones have been sufficiently met. The Srceam protocol requires reliable, up to date, and secure price feeds. To ensure uptime fast and reliable acid data, Scream uses three on chain Oracle’s to operate its lending platform, 


it uses Chainlink, Bandchain, and the Scream Oracle, they actually have their own Oracle. And if you’re curious as to who the founders are, the team and the founders have remained anonymous. So let’s break down some info about the Scream token the Scream token will have a total max supply of 2 million tokens at lunch. The initial circulating supply of Scream is expected to be just over 107,000 SCREAMS. Scream tokens are used to incentivize lending, and for that reason, the team has decided to allocate half of the total supply to lending and borrowing rewards. At launch, total emissions will be 12171 SCREAM per day, and the Scream team have agreed to a six month lockup of team allocation, which will start vesting on a monthly basis for 48 months. And this starts in the last day of this year, December 31 2021.


So I hope today’s info has basically painted you a picture about Scream you might have heard about it but didn’t know anything about it. You might have been curious. And this is just another fabulous project on the Fantom network. I’m a big fan of The Fantom ecosystem and everything that Fantom has going so if you liked today’s episode, like and subscribe and I look forward to meeting you here tomorrow. Until then make it a great day.


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Table of Contents

What Is Scream? 

SCREAM is a decentralized lending protocol that allows users and protocols on the Fantom network to attain deep liquidity. It’s a permissionless, transparent, and non-custodial protocol.

Due to the Fantom Network’s tremendous scalability, SCREAM lets people borrow and lend tokens natively on its platform with cheap fees. Fantom helps protocols provide the most incredible possible user experience with its fast speeds and low transaction costs.

You can make big profits on high-liquidity stablecoins with SCREAM that you wouldn’t be able to get with other financial tools.

They understand that consumers want to feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected from market instability. Thus they provide the most liquid stablecoin marketplaces on Fantom, with competitive yields and incentives.

They strongly advise familiarizing yourself with the platform’s features in modest doses before diving into borrowing. The simplest and least hazardous approach to earning APY is to supply crypto to SCREAM. 

You’ll also receive SCREAM as an added bonus. They’ll shortly release a beginner’s guide that explains how to use the lending/borrowing marketplaces in detail.

Borrowing has the greatest risk profile on the site because it exposes your collateral to liquidation. Liquidation risk is obviously reduced by borrowing less and retaining larger collateral amounts.

Why Was It Built On Fantom? 

The dApp ecosystem was still in its infancy at the time, but reading up on the technology made the potential of building on top of Fantom quite appealing. Once you start using it, you’ll see how Fantom’s capabilities can be used to create a highly scalable dApp ecosystem.

A financing platform that could take advantage of the emerging technology, according to the developer, would perform exceptionally well. They were drawn to the chance.

For SCREAM, the creators enlisted the help of Sebastian, their favorite UX designer, and 4hry to create a delicate and pastel UI based on a clean, simple, and playful design ethos.

It also helps because SpookySwap, the most popular DEX on Fantom, has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The platform’s aesthetic appeals to the creator and the team’s artwork are fantastic. 

The creator believes that SpookySwap, as a critical go-to platform, provides the best opportunity for new users to learn about the ecosystem.

They sincerely felt that by establishing some restrictions, the community would be able to move away from the common perception of anonymous developers. 

Despite the early uproar, they’d like to think they were able to win over the majority of members of the Fantom community who could complete the puzzles!

Scream aims to become a disruptor by offering new and innovative lending markets on phantom rather than just being another cross chain alternative.

Here's What We Discussed in Detail in This Interview

[00:01 – 02:32] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to another incredible episode 
    • Thank you for listening
    • More on the Fantom Series
  • An intro to Scream
    • Lending protocol built on Fantom
    • Fully decentralized, transparent, non-custodial lending 
    • Aim to build high velocity markets
    • Borrow and lend money markets along set assets
    • Full implementation of governance expected by Q4, 2021
    • Offering new and innovative lending markets


[02:33 – 05:58] Borrow and Lend on Scream Decentralized Lending Protocol 

  • What makes Scream different 
    • Borrowing and lending with lower fees
    • Aims to be the highest liquidity platform on Fantom
    • Planning to allow money markets like stablecoins and DeFi tokens
  • A One Stop Shop for lending products
    • Swaps assets quickly between all FTM supported Blockchains
    • Plans to focus on governance after hitting technical milestones
  • Integrated SC Loans
    • Developer tools that provide access to undercollateralized loans 
    • Offers wide range of use cases 
      • Ex: arbitrage, interest rate swapping, and collateral swapping
    • Difference between SC Loans and Aave Flash Loans
      • Devs can directly interact with SC token instead of the lending pool
      • .02% fees
      • Implements the collateral and reserve protocol
    • About the Reserve factor
    • About the Collateral factor


[05:59 – 08:20] Scream’s Governance SC Token

  • About the Scream Governance protocol 
    • Enables community voting after liquidity milestones
    • Fast, reliable and secure price feeds
  • The On-Chain Oracles used by Scream
    • Used to ensure fast and reliable data
    • 3 different Oracles
      • Chainlink
      • Banchain
      • Scream Oracle
  • Future SC Token stats at time of recording 
    • 2M tokens in circulation at the time of launch
    • Expected supply to start at ~107,000 tokens
    • Used to incentivize lending
    • Half to be allocated to borrowing and lending rewards
  • Final words

Killer Resources


Final Thoughts

SCREAM’s popularity is predicated on the protocol’s creative opportunities and the SCREAM team’s dedication to growing the ecosystem through collaborative efforts with other projects like StakeSteak.

SCREAM delivers the most focused financing markets for stablecoins on Fantom, as many users are aware. While more designers and programmers migrate to Fantom, the necessity for deep markets becomes increasingly apparent.

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