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Following its partnership with Messi, Bitget expands copy trading to English-speaking countries

Bitget continues to make copy trading more accessible to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their new One-Click Copy Trading product, helps novice users take cues from experienced traders.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has built strong momentum by supporting cryptotrading. As a result, users can trade cryptocurrency in a secure environment and benefit from 24/7 multilingual customer service, among other benefits.

Bitget was the first CEX to offer copy trading in 2020 and it has improved its features ever since.

One crucial facet setting Bitget apart from the competition is the One-Click Copy Trading solution. It is an excellent way for novice users to explore crypto markets through guidance from advanced traders.

Bitget now rolls out the One-Click Copy Trading concept to English-speaking countries. This a crucial milestone, as the product is used by over 100,000 traders and 338,000 copy traders globally. Bringing the solution to English-speaking countries will strengthen Bitget’s position as a one-stop trading platform with innovative products and diversified choices. 

In addition to expanding the copy trading aspect, Bitget introduces the Bitget Protection Fund. It represents the team’s dedication to platform security and safeguarding customer assets. The fund is valued at $300 million and backed by BTC and USDT reserves across publicized wallet addresses. Moreover, the exchange pledges to secure the fund’s value and will not withdraw funds for the next three years.

The fund is another feather in the cap of Bitget, as the company broadens access to crypto assets. With registered users growing to 8 million in 2022 and a widespread network of 100,000 influencers, Bitget has gained a competitive edge over other trading platforms. 

In October 2022, Bitget announced a strategic partnership with Lionel Messi. Both parties will collaborate on various initiatives to launch more impact efforts that transcend cryptocurrency and football. 

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