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What is Blockchain

  Learn all about how blockchain works and what it is. Learn how blockchain is essentially a “database” that is shared across a network of computers. Press play now to dive into what exactly blockchain is. Welcome back to another […]

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What are Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges are places where you can exchange your fiat currency for many different types of cryptocurrencies. You create an account and submit a few documents verifying your identity. You fund your account by either transferring funds into your account, […]

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What is Bitcoin

Welcome to our first ever episode. This will be the landmark of something great! In this episode you will discover what exactly Bitcoin is. Michael shares with you what digital currency is. Learn why countries have begun to make Bitcoin […]

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What is a Stable Coin

Stable coins bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. These are price stable digital assets. These tokens are designed to stay at a fixed value. They allow you to move seamlessly between fiat and digital assets. Learn what my […]

Zachariah Moreno What Is A NFT Episode

What is an NFT with Zachariah Moreno CEO Squadcast

Zachariah Moreno is the Co-Founder, CEO, & CTO of SquadCast, an industry leader in the recording and podcasting industry. Squadcast makes it easier for content creators, podcasters, and enterprises to have meaningful conversations without compromising quality while experiencing remote conversations. […]

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What is a Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is a place to hold or store your cryptocurrency. A crypto wallet is basically a software program which stores your digital assets. Learn all about what a crypto wallets is by listening to today’s episode.